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My Background

For the past twenty-five years I have been in law enforcement. Fifteen of those years were spent as a general detective in a large metropolitan police department. For those not familiar with the duties of a general detective we are what is know as the “jack of all trades” within the investigative arena. We investigate all areas of crime without specializing in one particular vocation. Aside from homicides, sex crimes and undercover drug operations, I have investigated almost every type of criminal offense including theft, fraud, forgery, stalking, identity theft, robbery, burglary, harassment, intimidation and more.

In addition, I have conducted hundreds of interviews and interrogations and have undergone countless hours of training in the area of criminal, human and deceptive behavior. I feel that I am uniquely qualified when it comes to investigating the deceptions perpetrated against by what I refer to as the Media Industrial Complex.

With so many years spent in law enforcement many people assume that I have a degree in criminal justice and/or a similar field of study. However, this is not the case. My educational background is actually in music. I earned an associate’s degree in music-fine arts, a bachelor’s degree in music theory and composition with a teaching certification. Finally, my graduate studies were in the field of music multimedia technology.

While music and law enforcement might at first seem to be two diametrically opposing fields, they actually have some things in common, especially in the field of investigations. Music theory is an area of study which requires a great deal of critical thinking, reasoning and attention to detail. Similarly, conducting investigations require these same skill sets.


What can I hope to find on this website?

As I stated previously, we are being led to believe that current events such as the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, London and Stockholm in addition to the recent shooting in San Bernardino and the Facebook Live murder in Cleveland, Ohio were actual events that transpired exactly as the media has reported. However, by taking a second look at these events, and many others, we will learn to apply our own critical thinking and reasoning skills in order to ascertain whether or not these events were in fact staged events, false flag operations or outright hoaxes.

Once you begin to see the patterns used by the media and the powers that be you will find that even everyday stories brought to us by our local news are often times nothing more than scripted news stories used to push a specific agenda, or to perpetrate a psychological operation, in an attempt to make us amenable to a specific set of behaviors and/or belief.

We will also delve into the deceptive world of the music industry and how this medium is used to manipulate us. We will discover the reasons why 440hz tuning became the industry standard in 1939 and how this frequency differs from the old standard of 432hz. We will look at various popular recording artists and how and why they were manufactured to push certain agendas onto an unassuming public. We will study how the music industry has changed over the last fifty years. Additionally, we will learn how music affects our thinking and emotions.

The motion picture industry and Hollywood is being used in a similar fashion to the music industry. Among other things we will learn how and why subliminal imagery is placed into the movies we watch and how certain agendas are placed into motion pictures.

In the coming days and weeks I will be posting a Frequently Asked Questions section which will attempt to answer common inquiries such as the meaning behind the term “false flag”, the origin of the term “conspiracy theorist”, the definitions of Cognitive Dissonance, Hegelian Dialectic as well as other terms and general questions for which you might have heard and been curious about.

The most important goal that I have is to simply find the truth. I don’t care what that truth might be. I might find it uncomfortable, painful or disconcerting and that is fine. I don’t care what the truth is. I just want to know it because the truth never needs to be defended.

In closing let me say that I invite any questions that you might have concerning the topics presented herein. I will endeavor to answer those questions to the best of my ability or provide direction and other avenues for us to find those answers.

The Smith Mundt Act of 1948

In 1948 the United States Congress passed the U.S Information and Educational Exchange Act, more commonly referred to as the Smith-Mundt Act. This legislation was enacted as a means to counter communist propaganda, which many legislators believed was corrupting the hearts and minds of American citizens. In essence, the Smith-Mundt Act made it illegal to knowingly broadcast information otherwise considered to be propaganda and/or disingenuous. Thinking in today’s vernacular, the Smith-Mundt Act made it illegal to report “fake news”.

Enter the The Smith Mundt Modernization Act of 2012

However, five years ago, Congress passed the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012. As part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) it is now perfectly legal for our government to lie to the American people. Is it any coincidence that once this bill was enacted we began seeing events such as the Sandy Hook School Shooting, The Boston Marathon Bombing, the Aurora Colorado Theatre Shooting, the Tuscon, Arizona Shooting, Pulse Nightclub Shooting, San Bernardino, etc. It seems as though we cannot go more than a couple of weeks, sometimes less, without seeing an event similar to the aforementioned.

A substantial percentage of the readers who have found this website realize that the events mentioned above, as well as many others, have not occurred as reported by the mainstream media, but have in fact been staged events perpetrated by various elements within our government with the assistance of a complicit media.

My goal

My goal is not only to debunk media stories and events that appear to have been staged, though that will definitely be a major part of this website. In addition, I will be going in depth to answer questions and present a myriad of content in order to facilitate an awakening in those who have heretofore been skeptical of such things. By using logic, direct observation and critical thinking skills I hope to provide a template and a format by which anyone with an open mind can begin to see these events for what they really are and to learn to apply their own cognitive abilities in order to decipher these events for themselves.

It’s a big club….and you ain’t in it!

Over the years I have found that nothing in this world works the way we have been taught and led to believe. From our very first day of school our teachers have been filling our minds with disinformation, half-truths and straight up lies. It’s not necessarily their fault. They too were brought up within the same system literally going back hundreds, if not thousands of years.
As the late comedian, George Carlin, once said, “It’s a big club…and you ain’t in it!” There is an elite group at the very top that have been controlling and scripting our lives for generations. They tell us what to think, how to think, what to eat and what to wear. They tell us what is popular and what is not. They tell us what is true and what is false. They tell us that vaccines are good and that global warming is bad. How do they do this and, more importantly, how have they been so adept at fostering their system of control in order have us believe? Their main mode of persuasion has been the mainstream corporate media. When you own and control 95% of what the public consumes as news and information, including television, motion pictures and the music industry, then it is fairly easy to manipulate the masses.

Why should we listen to you?

This is probably a question you are now asking yourself. It’s a fair question. First and foremost, I do not claim to have all the answers. In fact, in many instances I will be relying on the expertise of others on a regular basis. Also, I promise you that when I get something wrong I will humbly admit to such and make any necessary corrections and retractions.