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Mother of Three Overjoyed After Losing Arm in Shark Attack

By Alex Scott

My objective in starting this website was to bring the reader a different perspective on various news stories and events reported daily by the mainstream media. Upon closer scrutiny we often find many of these stories to be apocryphal in nature. By conducting further research and using logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning we have been able to prove that many reports given to us by the mainstream media are, in fact, fictitious. Further analysis has also revealed the use of crisis actors that have been hired to help sell a false narrative. In addition, elements of photoshop and CGI are often discovered which aid in the deception.

While I endeavor to produce well-researched content in an honest and unbiased manner I also admit that mistakes can be made. Because of this I feel that it is vitally important for those of us in the alternative research community to be humble and upfront whenever we have made such mistakes; if we do not then we lose credibility.

A few months ago I posted a story titled Mother of Three Overjoyed After Losing Arm in Shark Attack. When I initially looked into circumstances surrounding this story I was rather suspect to its authenticity. The victim, Tiffany Johnson, had been vacationing with her husband when she lost her lower-right arm to a shark attack. Ms. Johnson’s demeanor and overall disposition gave me the initial impression that perhaps her story was less than genuine. Ms. Johnson appeared to have made a remarkably speedy recovery for such a traumatic injury. In addition, she seemed quite upbeat and happy for someone who had just lost part of a limb to such a horrific attack.

To be perfectly honest, I did not conduct my research properly. Admittedly, I allowed my personal feelings to cloud my judgment. I simply assumed that there was no way Tiffany Johnson could have been so content after suffering such a terrible attack.

Within a few days of the story’s posting I began receiving comments from readers who claimed a personal relationship with Tiffany. While I am quite used to receiving similar comments to other stories that I have posted those comments are almost always sent by what are commonly known as “trolls” or “shills”. Also referred to as “professional commenters” these people are often paid by various organizations to post comments in an attempt to refute the content of a particular article and/or to discredit the author.

As more comments to this story arrived in my inbox I began to see that these were individuals who were conveying credible information that did support a personal knowledge of the event as well as a personal relationship with Tiffany Johnson. I then received a comment purported to have been sent by Tiffany herself. After further correspondence I advised Tiffany that I would take a closer look at her story and advised that if my original findings were incorrect I would post a retraction.

As part of my further research I made contact with a shark expert from California who has been studying and researching sharks and their attack victims for more than fifty years. Having already been aware of Tiffany Johnson’s story the expert assured me that hers was very typical of the majority of shark victims. In fact, this researcher informed me that his studies have shown that the majority of attack victims actually “forgive” the shark and end up developing a new-found respect for the animal. He further explained that while most people believe that a shark attack victim will become angry and/or depressed after their attack the opposite is true. It was quite an enlightening conversation and very informative. In short, this shark expert was convinced that all details surrounding Tiffany Johnson’s shark attack were true and credible.

As stated above, it is important to admit mistakes when writing about potentially sensitive topics, especially when the findings contradict the official narrative given to us by the mainstream media and very often our own government. In this case I allowed my own personal feelings, biases and ignorance on the subject matter to cloud my judgment.

I humbly offer my sincere apologies to Tiffany Johnson and her family. Additionally, I apologize to the visitors and readers of this website. You can be assured that I will always offer a retraction to any story or article I write that has been proven to be incorrect. I wish all my readers the very best.


Alex Scott


  • Holly
    January 9, 2018, 1:51 pm  Reply

    Interesting info on how people can be after an attack…

    I appreciate the honesty.

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