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Man Eating Bagel Stabbed Outside New York Deli


By Alex Scott


With so many real tragedies occurring every day in cities across the United States of America it is perplexing to see so many provably manufactured events that are being staged on a daily basis and presented to us by a complicit and dubious media. Even more discouraging is that our fellow citizens fail to see the obvious deception being perpetrated against them. If people would just stop and ask questions – use their critical thinking and reasoning skills – they could begin to wake up and begin calling out these obvious frauds.

Brighton Beach, New York City

It has gotten to the point where a man cannot sit and relax outside a New York Deli without another man coming out of nowhere to stab him in the chest while he’s enjoying a breakfast bagel!


On Thursday July 20, 2017 Dante Lekarious, 31, was sitting on a red crate outside of a Brooklyn deli enjoying a bagel and tea biscuits. At 6:15 am a man, later identified as Ernest Dubinsky, appears from around the corner, reaches into his pocket and pulls out a knife. Seconds later Dubinsky stabs his victim in the chest. Mortally wounded, Lekarious rises to his feet, stumbles while dropping his food and begins quickly walking across the street. Distancing himself from his pursuing assailant, Lekarious staggers before collapsing in front of a taxi cab. An hour later he was pronounced dead at Coney Island Hospital.

According to NYPD, Dubinsky told detectives that he had been robbed by Lekarious just prior to the stabbing – a claim that could not immediately be substantiated. Officers then walked Dubinsky a short distance to the 60th precinct where he was placed into an ambulance and taken for medical and mental evaluation.

Local residents commented that the two men were known to be drug addicts and both suffered from mental illness. A man identified only as Sean stated, “The victim, he was a little bit mental. He came up to my mom last week and said, ‘Kill me, kill me, kill me!’. I pay no attention to him.”

(Notice that the mental health aspect is being heavily pushed within this story. This is an important part of the elite’s agenda.)

Video Analysis

WARNING: This video contains graphic images that some viewers may find distressing.

The above warning is a common tactic used by the mainstream media in order to elicit a desired response from the viewer. It’s a form of psychological conditioning employed to make us believe that we are about to witness an horrific event.

Let’s watch the surveillance footage purported to show the stabbing of Dante Lekarious and see just how graphic and distressing it truly is. Afterward, we will analyze what we’ve seen and attempt to determine whether or not this event happened as it is portrayed.


The first thing we notice is the movement of the camera. Instead of being stationary, it pans back and forth and zooms in and out. This is not typical for a standard security camera. Even if it was equipped with motion-sensor capabilities it would not have captured the event in this manner. Notice that the focus remains centered on the suspect as he comes around the corner, making sure that we see Dubinsky pull the pocket knife from his pocket. Once he stabs Lekarious, the camera follows the two men across the street. In order to capture the event in this fashion someone had to have been controlling the video camera.

Secondly, pay close attention to what Ernest Dubinsky is wearing, especially his shirt. The people responsible for the planning and staging of these fabricated hoaxes and false flags will almost always place illuminati and/or Masonic colors, numbers and symbolism within their narratives. The fact that Dubinsky is wearing a tee shirt with the word “OBEY” written in capital letters is not a coincidence. It is overt symbolism and has been found in several false flag/staged events.

Most Americans associate the phrase, OBEY, with a popular line of clothing. They think it’s trendy and/or humorous. In point of fact, it is a tactic used as a form of tacit mind control. The word is also associated with the 1988 cult classic film, They Live. The premise of this movie is that a drifter finds a pair of sunglasses that allows him to see that the illuminati are manipulating the population to obey, consume, reproduce and conform. Meant to be a form of satire, the film is actually quite representative of how those in control manipulate what the masses think and believe.

Product placement is also used heavily in many staged events. The McDonald’s and Nike brands are seem most frequently. If you go back and look at events such as the recent Times Square Attack, Manchester Arena, London Bridge Attack, etc., you will find Nike shoes laying in the roadway and many people sporting Nike shirts, pants and other accessories. As if to mock us and throw it in our faces, Nike has actually released what they call “Blood Spatter” shoes. It’s a subtle form of “truth in plain sight”.

I have mentioned in other articles that the color purple is often found in these events. Purple is a color that has been associated with the ruling class for centuries and is a symbol of nobility. It’s inclusion within the many staged events is just one more clue given as to who is in control. As you watch the video notice the suspect’s purple shorts and the unidentified man exiting the deli who is wearing purple. Even the exterior of the deli appears to be purple. In fact, the entire video seems to have been filmed using a purple tint.

Lastly, for a man who is suppose to be a drug addict and possibly homeless, Dubinsky’s clothes appear to be clean and possibly newly-purchased. His shoes, especially, look to be brand new. You would think that a homeless drug addict living in New York City would appear slightly more unkempt. This is just a personal observation on my part, but felt it was worth mentioning.

Where’s The Blood?

Knife and machete attacks have been prominent in many of the news stories brought to us by the mainstream media over the past year or so. From the Ohio State University attack to Portland Oregon to London, every week it seems like there is a contrived story where these bladed instruments are the main focus. The one key element missing in many of these attacks, however, is the noticeable absence of blood. It is physiologically impossible for there not to be blood when someone suffers a stab wound.

In the case of Dante Lekarious, we observe his assailant as he appears to stab his victim directly in the upper-left chest area. Had Lekarious actually sustained such a wound we should have also observed blood all over his shirt as well as his hand. He should have also left a trail of blood as he ran out onto the street. Watching the video, Dubinsky appears to have forcefully plunged his knife into his victim. It is likely that such a wound would have severed an artery and/or struck a major organ.

The knife used to fatally stab Dante Lekarious was recovered near the crime scene. Notice anything missing? Once again, there is not a speck of blood on the weapon. Even more curious is the presence of the purple surgical glove. Again, the color purple is significant. Why is this glove there in the first place? And why is the knife lying on top of the glove? This is not proper evidence handling.

As a 15 year detective I gathered several knives in the course of investigating various crime scenes. There are standard protocols to evidence collection, especially if that evidence is suspected as having been used in the commission of a felony.

After discovering the knife the detective or crime scene investigator (CSI) would first note the location of where it was found. They would then likely measure the weapon and note the dimensions. They might also make a chalk outline and write the measurements on the pavement. They would then photograph the knife before placing it in the proper evidence box.

Like the knife itself, the purple glove is used as a prop to further heighten the curiosity of the viewer and to create a dramatic effect. The only reason this glove would have been included in the photograph is if the knife itself was actually found resting on top of the rubber glove when it was first discovered. Needless to say, that is highly unlikely.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this particular photograph was very likely taken by a photojournalist and is not an official crime scene photograph taken by law enforcement personnel. Due to chain-of-custody policies, as well as various evidence collection procedures and/or laws governing certain crimes, the police do not release such photographs to the media. Releasing actual crime scene photographs to the public could negatively impact any court case which might also cause such evidence to become inadmissible in court. Therefore, when official crime scene photographs are released they are usually made available after a court trial, upon the approval of the prosecuting attorney or presiding judge, or leaked to the media from an inside source.

Final Thoughts

 As we have seen time and again, the mainstream media continues to be complicit in presenting spurious narratives to an unassuming public. It has, therefore, become absolutely necessary that we call them out whenever we find such duplicitous stories. The more people that call them out on their frauds the more difficult it is for them to maintain their control.

It is important to remember that there is almost always a hidden agenda behind these stories. Whether it be gun control, knife awareness, mental health awareness or just plain fear, the powers that be need our consent. Presenting us with these dubious stories allows them to draft legislation and enact laws that further strip away our freedoms. The best example of this is 911. It is doubtful the American public would have accepted the Patriot Act had 19 Islamic terrorists not brought down the twin towers in a coordinated terror attack. We now know that the official version of this event is not what we are told…but the damage is done.

Recently, there has been a deliberate attack on those attempting to bring the truth to the American people. Over the past several months Youtube, for example, has taken down prominent truth channels. While this is discouraging we can take a certain amount of satisfaction in knowing that these channels are making a difference. The truth never needs to be defended. The fact that they are removing these channels means that we are making a difference…and that’s a very good thing.


  • GnomeDigest
    July 23, 2017, 3:39 pm  Reply

    The picture of the knife is also flanked by the color orange which is another big color for these folks. In the numerlogy language they use “orange” sums to 33, same as “false flag”. 33 is a very important number to these agents.

    I love how the first reaction they guy has to being mortally stabbed is not to react in pain..he doesnt even grab at the wound till he has stood up and moving away.

  • Toni Anderson
    March 7, 2018, 9:10 pm  Reply

    Appreciate your work here, Alex, and in all your other analyses. Keep up the good work! I’m new to your site, after listening to interviews with Sofia Smallstorm and Sage of Quay.

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