Desperate, Violent Prison Escapees Surrender to Man and His Three-Year-Old Daughter

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Desperate, Violent Prison Escapees Surrender to Man and His

Three-Year-Old Daughter

 By Alex Scott

There is a term within our legal system known as “Fraud Vitiates Everything”. Simply put, once it has been shown that one party has lied or committed a deliberate misrepresentation of the facts, their entire case is now compromised and no longer defensible. Any credibility this party might have previously garnered is now thrown into question. This general rule of law can very often be applied when looking at a particular event that has the appearance of having possibly been staged.

In relation to exercising critical thinking and reasoning, the element know as “Inference to the Best Explanation” also assists us in determining whether or not a specific event or incident has been fabricated. Based on the available evidence is it more likely that an event happened exactly as described by police, eye witnesses and media; or is it more probable that that elements of deception were employed in order to create or fabricate a false narrative?

Let’s incorporate these two components while looking at the recent prison escape, surrender and apprehension of two convicted felons who recently led law enforcement officials on a manhunt through the states of Georgia and Tennessee.

The Great Escape

On the morning of Monday June 13, 2017 convicted violent felons Donnie Russell Rowe, 58 and Ricky DuBose, 32, were being transported, via bus, from Georgia’s Baldwin State Prison to the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison. This was a routine prison transfer that occurs frequently among inmates to keep them from becoming acclimated with one particular facility. Rowe was serving a life sentence, without the possibility of parole, while DuBose was serving a lengthy sentence for armed robbery.

At approximately 6:45 am the two men managed to break free from a locked cage inside the bus and overpower two Georgia correctional officers whom the offenders disarmed and murdered with the officers’ own Glock .9mm handguns. Officials are still investigating how the inmates were able to free themselves from a secured holding area inside the bus.

Immediately following their escape, authorities said the escapees carjacked an unidentified driver and fled in his green 2004 Honda Civic. The pair then traveled 30 miles to the north, where they burglarized and ransacked a home. While inside the home the men ditched their prison uniforms and stole a change of clothes. It is believed that shortly after their home invasion the men abandoned the green Honda Civic and exchanged it for a white 2008 Ford F-250 which they stole from a rural business in Madison, Georgia sometime between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

Speaking at a Wednesday press conference, Putnam County Sheriff, Howard Sills, provided the media with updated reports. When asked how the two escapees managed to steal the Ford truck Sheriff Sills appeared a bit flustered when he answered, “I’m sure the keys were left in the truck because this is a rock quarry type of business.” That’s a rather presumptuous statement to have made. The sheriff never elaborated as to why he was sure of this fact. I suppose we are to infer that all employees of a rock quarry simply do not bother locking their vehicles.

Sometime between Wednesday and Thursday DuBose and Rowe had crossed the state line and were now in Tennessee. They ditched the Ford F-250 in Moore County where they stole another vehicle. Authorities stated that the two then abandoned that vehicle a short time later and covered it with sticks and grass before setting off on foot.

The two escapees were now approximately 30 miles from the Tennessee-Georgia border. The two men walked up a hill where they spotted a house owned by an elderly Shelbyville couple. They forced their way into the home and held the elderly couple at gunpoint for approximately three hours before tying up the man and wife and also placing socks over the man’s hands so that he couldn’t use them to free himself. Rowe and DuBose then helped themselves to the couple’s beef stew dinner before stealing some of their valuables prior to taking the couple’s Jeep Cherokee.

It really starts to get interesting from here on out.

911 Call

Shortly after Rowe and DuBose absconded with the unidentified couple’s Jeep Cherokee, the husband managed to free himself and then untied his wife. The man then called 911, advised the dispatcher as to what had just transpired and requested the police. Below is a link containing a recording of the homeowner’s 911 call, which lasted over three minutes. I encourage you to listen. It’s pretty interesting.

Listening to the 911 recording, I first noticed that the homeowner appeared quite calm with little stress noticeable in his speech or voice pattern. The typical person who had just been the victim of a violent home invasion and had a gun placed against his head would likely sound flustered and have trouble recalling information. This man and his wife were just held at gun point for three hours, threatened, robbed and tied up. This should have been very stressful, but the husband sounds pretty relaxed.

I then noticed that one of the first comments made by the homeowner was to directly identify his captors as the recent Georgia prison escapees. It was reported that when police arrived at the couple’s residence the man advised that Rowe and DuBose had confessed to the couple that they had escaped from prison and that they had “nothing to lose”. I would be interested in knowing the context in which Rowe and DuBose confessed to being escaped convicts. Although it is possible, I just cannot picture two seriously violent felons forcing their way into someone’s home and proclaiming, “We’re the two convicts that escaped from that prison bus in Georgia and we got nothin’ to lose! Now, do what we say!”

Another odd statement made was how the husband described the theft of his vehicle by the suspects. He tells the dispatcher that the men took off in his Jeep Cherokee Trailblazer. Is the homeowner not aware of the make and model of his vehicle? A Jeep is not a Trailblazer, and a Trailblazer is not a Jeep. Jeeps are Chrysler products while the Trailblazer is manufactured by Chevrolet. However, beginning in 2007, Chrysler came out with the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. Perhaps this is what the homeowner meant to say?

Also curious is the fact that the dispatcher never asks the homeowner to confirm his address so that the responding officers can be assured they are being dispatched to the correct house. That would have been a standard question for the dispatcher to ask.

When the dispatcher asked the victim if the two escapees possessed any weapons, the man replied, “Oh, yes. They both had handguns, high-powered handguns.” He never elaborates as to what exactly makes the guns “high-powered”. It’s an odd description. Since both suspects were reported to have taken the two Glock handguns originally possessed by the corrections officers the men were alleged to have murdered, perhaps these were the guns he was describing. You would think that living in a rural farm community in Tennessee the man would be somewhat familiar with firearms. However, I suppose he could have been more accustomed to revolvers and not had much experience with semi-automatic handguns.

Shortly before ending his conversation with the dispatcher, the man’s wife is heard crying and whimpering in the background. Though meant to convey both a sense of fearfulness and relief, the wife’s actions sound forced and not convincing. The husband attempts to comfort his wife by saying, “It’s alright. You survived. You did a good job. Come here and let me hold you.” After advising that neither he nor his wife need an ambulance, the dispatcher confirms that police are on their way and the man hangs up.

The Shootout and Dramatic Capture

After learning that Rowe and DuBose were now driving a black Jeep Cherokee, police made a state-wide broadcast. A short time later the suspects were spotted on Interstate 24, south of Nashville. According to at least one report, a sheriff’s deputy “attempted to stop the vehicle not realizing the occupants were the escaped prisoners.” Really? That’s pretty odd. The information had been widely broadcast throughout the entire state and every agency was looking for the suspects. I suppose it’s possible that the deputy hadn’t heard the broadcasts. If that was the case then what was his reason for even stopping the Jeep? That question has yet to be answered.

Once the identity of the two men was confirmed a ten mile police chase ensued. During the pursuit, the suspects fired 20 shots at police cars, however, no officers were struck or injured. After wrecking the Jeep during the pursuit the pair once again managed to allude capture by running into a nearby wooded area where police stated they lost sight of them.

Ten miles is a fairly lengthy pursuit. Law enforcement were already on high alert for these suspects. It is difficult to believe that within that ten miles officers were unable to deploy stop sticks and/or get the vehicle stopped by other means. Then, to completely lose the suspects after they ran into a field is yet another perplexing outcome. These two men just didn’t escape – they murdered two corrections officers! Police should have had helicopters in the air searching for the suspects, but they just managed to get away? It’s all highly improbable. 

Once again, news that Rowe and DuBose were still on the lose began spreading throughout the area where the suspects had last been seen. Meanwhile, in the small, rural community of Christiana, Tennessee, Patrick Hale had just received two telephone calls from friends informing him that the escaped prisoners had just been spotted near his neighborhood. Mr. Hale was at home with his three-year-old daughter while his wife, Danielle, was at work. Taking no chances, the father of one told reporters that he began loading every firearm in his home in the event that he should come in contact with the fugitives.

As he continued to make preparations, Hale stated that he looked out his backyard window and saw two white males who had just crossed over a barbed wire fence approximately 300 yards away from his home. At that point Mr. Hale said he dialed 911 and told reporters, “I prayed like I’ve never prayed before.” Patrick Hale now had a decision to make. As he explained to the media, he had to decide whether to take his daughter and retreat to the family’s “panic room” or to run to his vehicle and quickly leave the area. Really? Patrick Hale has a “panic room”? That’s pretty cool! 

Choosing the latter, Patrick Hale grabbed his handgun and quickly got into his car with his young daughter. As Hale began backing out of his driveway the two fugitives were quickly approaching. Suddenly, according to Mr. Hale, both men removed their shirts and began waving them in the air as a sign of surrender. At that point both Rowe and DuBose laid face-down on Hale’s driveway and placed their hands behind them. Hale then exited his vehicle and waited for police to arrive.

Asked by reporters to give his insight as to why the two escapees would suddenly surrender themselves to the homeowner, Patrick Hale speculated, “I think it’s because my car looks like a police cruiser.” It is pretty remarkable that the two suspects would just suddenly give themselves up, especially after the Putnam County Sheriff remarked, “These are dangerous, seriously dangerous, vicious hoodlums that need to be apprehended. They are dangerous beyond belief.” So, these seriously dangerous and vicious hoodlums just surrendered, no questions asked, to a civilian and this 3-year-old daughter because Hale’s car looks like a “police cruiser”? Not very likely. Before we look at other questions surrounding the apprehension, let’s hear what Patrick Hale had to say to the media and the world.

Press Conference

If all of this sounds a bit suspicious and far-fetched then I encourage you to watch Patrick Hale’s statements presented at a news conference the day following the apprehension and arrest of Donnie Rowe and Ricky DuBose. The press conference was called in order to correct conflicting reports from various news outlets regarding the suspects’ surrender to Mr. Hale. Many of those reports stated that Hale had held the two men at gunpoint until police arrived. However, according to Hale, this was not true. In fact, Hale stated that he never even had to remove his firearm from its holster because the two suspects were so obedient.



Several questions came to mind as I watched this press conference and listened to Hale’s remarks. The first odd comment came from the sheriff prior to Hale’s speaking. The sheriff advised the media that, following his comments, Patrick Hale would be answering two questions. That was strange. Why would the sheriff attempt to limit the media to only two questions? Was he running interference because there was a possibility that Hale would slip up and say something that would expose the fraud?

I also noticed that Patrick’s wife, Danielle, appeared to be quite nervous – like she did not want to be there. Through most of the press conference she actually looked to be in pain for having to be a part of it – like perhaps she was suffering from a kidney stone. Maybe she is just not used to being in the public eye and was genuinely anxious; or maybe she knew it was all BS and was having a difficult time trying to hide the guilt of her complicity.

As Hale began speaking he advised the media that he needed to correct some misinformation. He began his comments by seeming to have forgotten exactly when this all took place. He looked to his wife and said, “Some things have kind of been blown out of proportion as far as what happened at our house on, what was it…yesterday?” Are we to believe that Patrick Hale had forgotten what happened less than 24 hours prior? Was this simply his attempt at making a joke to provide a bit of levity? If so, it still came across as odd.

 As Hale began telling reporters what had transpired he used very specific time frames. This is a very un-natural way for someone to speak. This is something you might hear from a detective or a prosecutor, but not from the average citizen. Did Patrick Hale start a timer or stop watch the minute his friends called to warn him?

“At 6:40 pm yesterday I received two warning calls from friends…”

“At 6:46 I loaded every weapon I had in my house…”

“At 6:47 I saw two white males hop a barbed-wire fence…”

“6:47 I prayed like I’ve never prayed before.”

“At 6:48 I called 911…”

This precise manner of speaking and behavior is indicative of a pre-planned encounter, not a spontaneous event. Had this actually happened Patrick Hale would not have been cognizant of the exact time of every little detail. Mr. Hale was also clearly reading a prepared statement. The addition of specific timing was likely just part of his script and possibly added for dramatic effect. Plus, if his timing is correct, how could he load multiple firearms in less than one minute?

One of the reporters asked Hale if he engaged in conversation with the two suspects to which Hale replied that neither man said a word the entire time. Again, we we to believe that two seriously violent felons who had just murdered two correctional officers, broke into a home and held a married couple at gunpoint for three hours, stole multiple vehicles and then got into a shootout with police are just going to surrender to a man in his driveway without uttering a single word?

Another reporter asked if the two suspects remained on the ground the entire time. Hale had to be promoted by his wife and then told the reporter that the two men briefly got up to get a drink of water from his hose, then laid right back down. He was then asked what was going through his mind during the three minutes he waited for the police to arrive. Hale replied that his biggest fear was that the men were going to get up and and go into his home where he had left a loaded shotgun. If that was true then it would have been all the more reason for Mr. Hale to have drawn his weapon to hold the men at gunpoint! After all, Hale himself told us he had loaded every gun in his house. Therefore, we can assume that had the suspects gained entry to his home they would have also had access to multiple firearms.

A question that was not brought up concerned the firearms previously possessed by the two escapees. We were told that Rowe and DuBose kept the two Glock handguns they had used to murder the two prison guards. These were also likely to have been the same guns used during the home invasion where they tied up the homeowners. These guns were also likely the ones used during their shootout with police prior to encountering Patrick Hale. What happened to them? Hale never mentioned anything about the men surrendering their weapons and the police never made mention of them either. These particular firearms held significant evidentiary value because they were murder weapons used in the killing of two prison guards. Did Rowe and DuBose just throw them away or leave them behind? That doesn’t seem likely.

In the above photograph, why are the police just standing around? I count fourteen officers. Why are they allowing the suspects to remain on the ground? Is this just another photo op? At the very least these two suspects would have most likely been separated and placed into a police vehicle while detectives gathered any evidence, worked the crime scene and spoke to witnesses. Leaving them in full-view of the public and media for such a length of time is not typical police protocol.

State Police Contradiction

Prior to covering Patrick Hale’s press conference I stated that there were other questions surrounding the apprehension of Donny Rowe and Ricky DuBose.

The above photo shows Lt. Bill Miller with the Tennessee Highway Patrol. He is speaking at a press conference given within a few hours of Patrick Hale’s alleged detainment of the two escapees. Lt. Miller credits the many different law enforcement agencies, as well as courageous citizens, for the successful capture of Rowe and DuBose. He then gives a very detailed description of the events leading to the eventual capture. However, he completely contradicts Patrick Hale’s version of the events.

 According to Lt. Miller’s version of the story, the two suspects crashed their vehicle and ran into a wooded area after having led police on a ten mile pursuit. Lt. Miller further stated that the two men emerged from the woods and found themselves in a residential neighborhood. Lt. Miller then stated, referring to Rowe and DuBose, “They came across a home. At that home they were attempting to carjack, or steal, another vehicle from that residence. At that point in time the homeowner stepped out and held the people there by gunpoint until another neighbor came to assist him. At that point in time the Rutherford County Sheriff Department was alerted and they arrived on scene and apprehended the two suspects without any incident at that moment.”

 What?! The details given by Lt. Miller are nowhere near what we were told by Patrick Hale. How could these two versions of the same event be so diametrically opposed to one another? In his press conference Hale mentioned nothing about assisting a neighbor, or that Rowe and DuBose had attempted to steal a vehicle. In fact, Hale specifically stated that he had observed the two men coming down the street where they then took off their shirts and began waving them over their heads before laying down on his driveway. Hale also mentions nothing about a neighbor assisting him.

Here is the press conference in which Lt. Miller gives his version of the apprehension.

In taking this into consideration is it possible that Hale was brought out to confront the media in order to further cement his version of the events for the official record since he did state that he was there there to clarify misinformation? It’s all quite peculiar.

Back to the Beginning

One of the more curious aspects to this story is how Donnie Russell Rowe and Ricky DuBose manage to escape in the first place. We were told that the two men were being transported, via bus, to another facility along with 31 other inmates. That would mean there were 33 total inmates on this bus. That’s a rather curious number. Those readers familiar with Masonic and illuminati symbolism will know that these various staged events are very often encoded with such numerology and symbolism.While I am not an expert in numerology, symbolism or the occult, I am astutely aware that the vast majority of false flag staged events are heavily encoded by the numbers. It’s just one more aspect to look for when dissecting a possible hoax.

It is also amazing that other inmates did not make an attempt to flee the prison bus once the two guards were killed. According to Putnam County Sheriff, Howard Sills, the remaining 31 offenders stayed seated on the bus and were being cooperative with investigators.

Speaking as a law enforcement officer, it is not uncommon in a prisoner transport to have inmates who are serving time for a wide variety of offenses. Many of these inmates were likely low-level offenders whose crimes might have included petty theft, drug possession, check fraud, etc. These types of inmates usually serve shorter sentences and are non-violent offenders. They just want to do their time and not jeopardize themselves. Therefore, these low-level offenders would have been more cooperative and would have stayed seated. However, like Rowe and DuBose, you will also have felons (many of them violent) who are serving lengthy sentences with no possibility for parole. Given the odds it just seems strange that there were no other inmates who took the opportunity to flee.

The death of any law enforcement officer (or any person for that matter) is a tragedy. Therefore, I do not make light of any death of good and honest police/correctional officers who put their lives on the line everyday, who do the job and do it well. Like anyone else, they just want to go home to their families. That being said, we know that many supposed deaths of law enforcement officers over the past few years have been staged in order to sell a hoaxed, staged or false flag event. I am simply pointing out inconsistencies that I see regarding the this particular story.

Speaking at several press conferences given to update the various members of the press, Putnam County Sheriff, Howard Sills, presented what had been learned thus far, including the very first report on the murders of the two correctional officers.

While other law enforcement personnel were present, including local and state police as well as FBI and Georgia state prison officials, they all spoke in a very calm, measured, yet determined, manner. In contrast, Sheriff Sills was very animated, agitated and angry. This behavior would not be surprising given such grievous circumstances. However, Sheriff Sills performance seemed a bit over-the-top. In addition, he seemed to be put off, perhaps even a little reluctant, to answer basic questions posed by reporters. Could it have been that the sheriff was genuinely upset over what had taken place in his county, or was he angry that he was forced into having to participate in what he knew to be a staged event?

One reason as to why the sheriff might have been terse with reporters questions is because he knew the answers he was giving just did not sound convincing. At one point the sheriff admitted that there was video surveillance inside the bus that captured the escape and murder of the two guards. He also stated that all the inmates on the prison bus had been in handcuffs in addition to being in a locked holding area.

When asked by a reporter if the video evidence shed any light as to how the two men escaped, Sheriff Sills replied that he had not had time to closely examine the video to make that determination, but that it seemed to transpire just as the other inmates on the bus had described. Speaking further, Sheriff Sills did not know how the men got out of their handcuffs and were able to breach a secured door.

When pressed further the Sheriff’s agitation increased and he replied by stating that he had only viewed the surveillance footage on his cell phone, which we are suppose to infer that the screen was too small to make a concrete determination. Finally, in what appears to be a fit of desperation and avoidance, Sheriff Sills appears to change the subject by stating, “How they got out is not my main concern. My concern is with apprehending these people, prosecuting them for murder.” Here is the video of that press conference.

There are other instances at other press conferences in which the sheriff seems to get flustered by questions posed by reporters. Inquiring about Sheriff Sills speaking in regard to the first burglary Rowe and DuBose allegedly committed shortly after their escape, one reporter asked, “How do you know it was the suspects that committed this burglary?” This question seemed to catch the sheriff off guard. After pausing, the sheriff told the reporters that “evidence found at the crime scene led us to believe it was them.” However, the sheriff did not elaborate as to what that evidence might have been.

Similarly, in regard to the Ford F-250 that the suspects had stolen at the rock quarry, Sheriff Sills had stated that there was a locked gate at the facility. When a second reporter inquired as to how the suspects broke into the facility and how law enforcement could be certain that the truck had been stolen by Rowe and DuBose, Sheriff Sills replied, “…because we found some tire tracks and some other stuff…” That’s a pretty vague answer.

Lastly, at the very first press conference held within a few hours of the prisoners escaping, Sheriff Sills made an adamant declaration when asked about the two correctional officers that were murdered on the bus. To express how upset Sheriff Sills was at the time, he told the media, “I saw two brutally murdered corrections officers, that’s what I saw. I have their blood on my shoes.”

That was an emotional confession…and a curious one. There are two potential problems with that statement: (1) If true then Sheriff Sills very likely contaminated the crime scene by walking through the victims’ blood; (2) If the victims’ blood was on his shoes then those shoes should now be part of the evidence and should have been collected.

Any seasoned law enforcement officer would know not to walk around an active, bloody crime scene. Also, unless he was the first officer to arrive, he should not have been allowed that close to the immediate crime scene. One of the first things a detective, investigator or crime scene technician is taught is to preserve the integrity of the crime scene. This means keeping people out, even if it is the head of your department. Given his many years in law enforcement, Sheriff Sills would have known this.

Officers Down

While I cannot state with one hundred percent certainty that the murders of correctional officers Curtis Billue and Christopher Monica were staged, there are questions and instances that do make me suspicious. Given the many inconsistencies presented thus far, it is quite likely that their supposed deaths were just another component to an orchestrated fraud. If, however, I am presented with evidence that would lead me to retract my findings, I will gladly do so. As I stated previously, the death or murder of any officer is a tragedy.

Funerals for both men have since taken place. What we see are observations made in most, if not all, staged events. Both were closed-casket funerals, which keep us from viewing an actual body.

Also, like the majority of staged events over the past few years, friends and family members who spoke at the funerals shed no tears and only feigned crying. As is typical, friends and family came forward laughing and joking while offering their eulogies. Admittedly, a bit of light-heartedness to alleviate tension is often employed during a funeral. However, what we often see at these staged funerals are person after person coming forward saying essentially the same thing; the person was the most kind individual ever, they would give you the shirt off their back, they were always there for you, etc. It just becomes tedious.

In the above photo we see the sisters of Curtis Billue. Both women are answering questions from the media. They explain how saddened they are over the loss of their brother, but do not display the typical signs of real grief one would expect to witness. Notice the gentleman standing behind the two women. This, again, is something we often see. Although appearing to be an attorney for the family, this man is very likely a handler whose job is to keep the women focused on what they are suppose to say. There were a few questions asked by reporters in which this man interrupted the women as they spoke to inform the media that certain topics or aspects surrounding their brother’s death were not going to be discussed.

One obvious sign of a staged tragedy are family members who state that they forgive the person who just violently murdered their loved-one. It is no different here. Asked about how she felt about Rowe and DuBose killing her brother, the sister on the right replied that she carries no anger toward either man and that she has a heart of forgiveness…because that is what her brother would want. Continuing, the sister then states that she only wants to see justice and that she trusts in the legal system.

It seems that no staged event, false flag attack, or hoaxed shooting is complete without the immediate plea for money in the form of a Go Fund Me account. As seen above, on the very day Christopher Monica was shot and killed a Go Fund Me account was posted. Sympathetic, but gullible, Americans will freely donate in the belief that they are helping family members. In reality, however, what they are most often doing is donating to the pool of various crisis actors.

The day after both men were killed a second Go Fund Me accounted was posted in an attempt to collect even more money for the families of both men.


 As I stated at the beginning of this article, using the analogy of inference to the best explanation, is it more likely that the escape and capture of Donnie Rowe and Ricky DuBose happened exactly as reported, or do we find evidence of possible fraud? Is it believable that both men, without explanation, managed to free themselves from their handcuffs, breach a secured holding area, surprise and overpower two armed guards, steal several vehicles, break into homes, threatened an elderly couple by placing a gun to their heads, get into a ten mile pursuit with law enforcement where they fired 20 rounds at officers, allude capture by running into a wooded area only to exit those woods and surrender to a civilian and his 3-year-old daughter because the man’s vehicle resembled a police cruiser?

Remember that Sheriff Sills said of these two escapees, “These are seriously violent individuals who have just committed murder…they have nothing to lose.” Does that description, coupled with the actions committed prior to their encountering Patrick Hale, describe two men who would just suddenly peacefully surrender and submit to an average citizen without saying a single word? If fraud does, indeed, vitiate everything then I submit to you that we have once again been presented with a fraud.


  • jniece
    June 29, 2017, 11:05 pm  Reply

    What do you suppose the motive would be for staging this? How does this assist in their agenda? Just to monitor the reactions? So mind boggling.

    • July 1, 2017, 4:14 pm

      It’s hard to know the exact agenda of every event that is being staged. However, ultimately a constant state of fear and chaos is always first and foremost. Many times we also see the praise for law enforcement. When we look at several of the recent attacks we always see the politicians coming out and praising the heroic bravery of the police. This further instills acceptance of the overall police state. The most important thing to always keep in mind is that the people who plan these staged events are psychopaths and it’s difficult understanding the mind of a psychopath.

  • Mary
    July 1, 2017, 4:05 am  Reply

    Alex, I first would like to thank you for your excellent work. I found your site thru Ole Dammegard’s site, and I come here pretty often.

    I think you’re exactly right, this story is not at all believable. Not even close! I’m not sure why all of these hoaxes are being played on us, but I’m sure there is a motive or two.

    God bless you.

    • July 1, 2017, 4:08 pm

      Thank you, Mary. It’s great to have you on board!

  • jniece
    July 4, 2017, 9:55 pm  Reply

    I wonder if they tell the actors why it is important for them to play the role. That is a question I definitely would ask before accepting the role.

    • July 5, 2017, 1:01 pm

      I’m sure at anyone who actively participates knows what is going on and what there role is in the production. According to my research they have to sign privacy and non-disclosure statements. The majority of these staged events are pulled-off via government contracts and what are called “FEMA/DHS Capstone Events” where everything is written down and follows a script. One of these days I am going to write an in-depth article on this subject.

  • Tim
    July 6, 2017, 10:47 am  Reply

    Patrick Hale’s video is down but I was able to find it on dailymail but it was abbreviated. So many of these crimes are scrubbed from google as time goes on, all you can find about them are short synopsis with the mistakes included.

    I can understand the incompetency of these people allowing these things to happen because humans do make mistakes but when there is no acknowledgement of the harm d

    • July 7, 2017, 11:57 am

      It’s not surprising that the video was scrubbed. Fortunately, many people people will sometimes mirror them. It’s also important to take screen captures and download various videos that have a high probability of getting pulled. It’s happening more and more as people are waking up. Thanks for visiting the website!

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