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16 Year-Old Female Stabs Uber Driver to Death…For No Apparent Reason

By Alex Scott

With the recent knife attacks in Portland, Oregon and many other cities throughout the country, it is now apparently quite trendy to either stab someone, or to be the victim of a stabbing. A nice machete is preferable, but really, any knife will do.

I realize that such a statement might sound a bit cruel and cold-hearted to some, but the truth is that the vast majority of these stabbing deaths have been, and continue to be, staged. The latest incident is no exception.

Call 911!

On Tuesday May 30, 2017, at 3:22 am,  Lincolnwood, Illinois police officers responded to a 911 call placed by residents of the Hampton Place Condominiums. Witnesses described a man, covered in blood, who ran into the main lobby yelling, “Help me. God, help me, please. I’m going to die!” When officers arrived they followed the trail of blood which led them to a patch of grass just outside the main lobby doors where Grant Nelson, 34, laid bleeding from numerous stab wounds.

Prior to his being transported to St. Francis Hospital, where he eventually succumbed to his wounds, Mr. Nelson was able to advise officers that he was a part-time Uber driver and had been attacked by a young female whom he had been transporting. Nelson further conveyed that within minutes of picking up his fare the young female began stabbing him repeatedly…for no apparent reason.

Already this story is sounding a little strange. As we continue we will learn even more bewildering aspects to this narrative – answers that only beg more questions. Let’s see what else we can find.

The Suspect

According to police and media reports, Eliza Wasni, 16, has been arrested and charged as an adult with 1st degree murder. At her initial court appearance Judge Michael Hood denied Wasni’s bail citing the particularly heinous and violent aspect to the crime and that Wasni attempted to flee from police when found. I find the latter judgment an odd reason to deny bail. Many suspects flee from police but are not denied bail. But, then again, I’m not a judge. Anyway, let’s go back and look at the events that led up to this teen stabbing her Uber driver to death…for no apparent reason.

Addicted to Ride Share

Grant Nelson was not the first Uber driver to chauffeur Eliza Wasni through the streets of Skokie and Lincolnwood, Illinois during those early morning hours. Prior to her meeting Nelson two other Uber drivers had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of the teenage psychopath. Luckily, those drivers escaped unscathed and stab-free.

From this point on things start to get a little sketchy and authorities offer no explanation as to Wasni’s strange behavior. In addition, Uber’s policy is not to grant service to anyone under the age of eighteen. Therefore, each of the three drivers violated this policy. It’s strange that none of the three drivers thought to ask Wasni her age and/or to inquire why she was out so late.

At approximately 1:30 am Wasni first contacted the ride-sharing service where an unidentified driver dropped her off at a train station. We don’t know exactly where Wasni was initially picked up. Was she at her residence? Had she just finished working her part-time job? These are things readers might want to know. And why did she go to a train station? Doesn’t that seem like a weird place for a 16 year-old girl to want to go at 1:30 am? Again, no explanation.

While at the train station Wasni contacted the Uber service a second time where another  unidentified driver dropped the suspect off at a Skokie, Illinois Wal-Mart. While inside the store we are told that Wasni stole a machete and a knife (just what every teen-age girl wants!) without drawing the attention or suspicion of employees. She removed the packaging and exited the Wal-Mart without purchasing either item. We are also told that Wal-Mart video surveillance recorded  Wasni as she traversed throughout the store and exited. However, no video evidence has been presented, or at least made public at the time of this article. Go figure.

While still in the Wal-Mart parking lot we are told that Wasni made her third and final Uber booking with Grant Nelson just after 3:00 am. It was just a few short minutes into her transport that Eliza Wasni began hacking and stabbing Nelson from the backseat of Nelson’s 2013 Hyundai Sonata…for no apparent reason.

It was late and Nelson might have been sleepy. That might be one reason why he did not inquire of his passenger, “So, I can’t help but notice you’re carrying a machete?” That is, of course, a bit of gallows humor on my part. Still, you have to wonder if Grant Nelson thought it quite odd that a teenage girl had summoned the service of an Uber driver at 3:00 am on a school night. It gets even more ridiculous from here on out.

Left For Dead

Once Grant Nelson was able to stop his vehicle and manage to escape, Wasni then jumped in the driver’s seat and fled the scene. According to reports she only managed to drive a few blocks before striking a median and then fleeing on foot. Police found her a short time later hiding near a warehouse air-conditioner wearing only her bra and leggings. The blood-soaked Chicago Cubs tee shirt she had been wearing was also found near the scene…but there was no mention of her pants.

Wasni was still clutching the knife and machete when police found her crouched behind the air-conditioner. Police made several demands for Wasni to drop her weapons, which she refused, and she was subsequently tasered and placed under arrest.

We are told by authorities that the above photo is the location where police found a bleeding Grant Nelson. Notice there appears to be a small blood-stained area where Nelson had been lying. However, with multiple stab wounds he should have been bleeding profusely and would have left behind a much larger blood-soaked area.

Notice too that there appears to be discarded medical waste left behind. I contend that this is just another staged photograph taken to help convey a sense of realism for the viewer. Nelson was found at the scene at approximately 3:15 am, yet this photograph was clearly taken during daylight hours. Paramedics and EMT’s would not have been this careless. They would not have just left medical waste and biological hazards behind for anyone to pick up.

Where’s the Blood?

Ideally, once Nelson had been stabbed he should have left blood literally everywhere. We should find blood on his car, in his car, on the road and a trail of blood leading to the doors of the condominium main door. Take a look at the photo evidence, or lack thereof.


There appear to be streaks of blood along the back driver’s side portion of Grant Nelson’s Hyundai Sonata. Upon closer inspection however, these streaks of fake blood were likely applied after the fact. What we should see is blood on the interior, blood on the driver’s door and handle as well as blood on the windows and windshield.

There is also a significant lack of blood in and around the area where Nelson is said to have exited his car.

Reaction of Family Members

Almost immediately following media reports, Grant Nelson’s younger sister, Alexandra Nelson, became the family spokesperson. However, Alex (as she is usually referred) behaves less like a grieving sister and more like a PR professional. It has become a predictable pattern with staged events to have immediate family members show inappropriate behavior and mannerisms in relation to what should be overwhelming sadness and loss.

By all accounts Alex Nelson should have appeared shocked and distraught. Her eyes would have likely been swollen from hours of crying and stress. However, Alex appears very stoic and highly confident for the cameras.

Alex would have also likely found it difficult to speak to the media and gather her thoughts properly, but that was not the case. The wording and phrasing Alex uses to describe her brother sounds scripted, cold and disingenuous. Here are just a few of Alex Nelson’s comments regarding her big brother.

“The loss of intelligence and conversation and nuance and thoughtfulness that he brought into all of our lives is going to be felt, and it will reverberate with us throughout the coming weeks and months and years, and it is not a hole that can be easily filled.”

Does that sound at all genuine and heart-felt? Seriously. Who uses the words “nuance” and “reverberate” when describing a sibling who was violently murdered just hours beforehand? Alex also repeatedly refers her brother in the third person with such comments as, “We hope that justice for Grant Nelson does happen” and “Grant Nelson was such a gentle human being.” It just doesn’t sound natural.

Below is a video of Alex Nelson speaking at a press conference less than twelve hours after her brother was violently stabbed to death…for no apparent reason.

These were not the only discordant statements Alex made. Here are a few others that are just as perplexing.

“Grant loved animals, especially Lilly, the family dog and he lived for music. He had probably the most extensive collection of classical music of anyone I’ve ever met in my life.”

Grant had the most extensive collection of anyone she had ever “met”? That’s not typically how someone refers to their brother. Your sibling is not simply an acquaintance you run into every now and then. They are someone you’ve grown up with.

Grieving via Social Media

There has been a trend of late where parents and siblings immediately take to Facebook and Twitter to express and convey their overwhelming grief. Once again, this is not a natural reaction when dealing with the tragic and unexpected death of a loved one.

While I am fully aware that more and more people are using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to keep friends and family up to date on loved ones, this is most often done when that family member has endured a prolong illness. In that instance there is time to prepare ones self emotionally.

Within only a few short hours of Grant Nelson’s death his sister, Alexandra, posted the below photograph and message to her Facebook account. As you read it ask yourself if this sounds like someone who is experience an overwhelming sense of emotion.

The second paragraph is especially telling.

“My 34 year-old brother Grant Nelson was murdered around 3:30 am last night at the corner of Lincoln and Touhy. He was stabbed multiple times and the suspect is in custody.”

Alex Nelson sounds more like a television anchor women, or newspaper reporter, delivering news copy.

The Mental Health Agenda

Almost all false flags and staged events are perpetrated in order to make the public more amenable to accept certain programs, laws, etc. Without these perceived terrorist attacks, bombings, car attacks, shootings and random stabbings the public are more reticent to allow our leaders to further strip away our liberties. This stabbing incident is no exception.

There is currently a huge push in our society to identify potential mental illness, especially among teenagers and young people. Millions of dollars are being spent on various mental health awareness campaigns and public service announcements. Lobbyists at both the state and federal level are attempting to enact legislation for mandatory mental health screening in the public schools and various places in the public sector.

It is therefore absolutely no coincidence that we learn that not only Grant Nelson but also his mother are both vocal advocates in the mental health awareness community. In fact, Nelson’s mother serves on the board of the Illinois chapter of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. Grant Nelson, in turn, often did volunteer work for the alliance.

In an even further sense of irony, the 16 year-old suspect had reportedly received treatment for various mental health issues in the past. Take a wild guess as to which organization the suspect received those services. You guessed it! The Illinois chapter of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. What are the odds?!

Eliza Wasni’s Troubled Past

Although no motive has been given as to why Eliza Wasni was out gallivanting through the streets of suburban Chicago in the middle of the night, or what possessed her to steal a machete and a knife from a Wal-Mart only to then use those weapons to to randomly stab a stranger to death, we did learn that she was being raised by a single mother. Perhaps that fact is suppose to explain her erratic actions?

When you read through the many news articles that question what drove this teenager to stab her Uber drive to death you find that for all intents and purposes Eliza Wasni appeared to be a typical teenager…except for the mental illness that apparently drove her to hack a man to death for no apparent reason!

Media sources tell us that the teen attends William Taft High School in suburban Chicago. Looking at her Facebook postings we find Eliza behaved much like any other teenage girl – often reposting current memes and popular viral videos. Her bio page simply says, “I will always be myself.”

However, we are also told that among cheery pics with friends and viral videos, some of her posts reveal a darker side. In February, the teen shared a post from the page Sorrowful Quotes, saying “I wish I was someone’s favourite person”. We find other quotes, such as, “That shit just hit me”, which she wrote as a caption. Strangely enough, we are never given a context as to why Eliza wrote that caption. I guess we’re just suppose to naturally assume it meant something dark and sinister.

Perhaps we can gain a bit more insight into a November 2016 Instagram quote the teen shared that said, “Wow, it’s November. Time flies when your life is falling apart”. That same month, she shared a post from singer Ray J that read “Nobody gets me. I’m immature and mature at the same time. I’m a good but also deep and weird and romantic and my mind is so developed, I’m strange”.

Lastly, one month earlier, she reposted a meme depicting Homer Simpson with the thought bubble: “I have more conversations in my head than I do in real life.”

It’s not at all unusual to find a 16 year-old girl seemingly suffering from identity and self-esteem issues. On the contrary, it’s quite normal in today’s society and pretty much akin to shooting fish in a barrel. Most teenagers go through a period where they are trying to “find themselves”. The major difference between Eliza and other young females within her delinquent sub-group is the fact that most don’t steal machetes from Wal-Mart and murder their Uber drivers!

Just An Act?

Another curious aspect that seems to show up time and again when it comes to staged events and false flags is the discovery that many of the crisis actor participants have previous acting experience or aspirations. Imagine my surprise in finding that both Grant Nelson and his young assailant had both been bitten by the acting bug.

Grant Nelson’s sister, Alexandra, tells us (emphasis added), “It does feel like any opportunity for my brother to truly discover his great potential in life was taken from him. He was gentle, caring and kind. He enjoyed classical music and movies. He did some acting and a few years ago and had a head shot produced for his resume.” Wow! What are the odds?!

Similarly, we find that Eliza Wasni also aspires to be a famous actress. Here is a screenshot of Eliza’s profile page from the website “Kids Casting”.


Another meme we have seen in the last couple of years has been family members who are quick to forgive the person(s) who is responsible for murdering their loved ones. The most well-known event for this “forgiveness meme” was the supposed killing of nine African-Americans who were gunned down by convicted murderer and white supremacist, Dylan Storm Roof, as they attended a prayer meeting on the evening of June 15, 2015. Almost immediately family members appeared on the various cable news networks professing their love and willingness to forgive Dylan Roof.

With the murder of Grant Nelson we see this trend continuing. Instead of professing their anger and disgust toward Eliza Wasni’s cold-blooded actions, we see a family ready to forgive the teenager. Speaking again for the family, Alexandra Nelson stated, “There’s already so much burden that’s been laid on this family, hatred is not something we have time for or interest in.”

I understand that there are those who do possess a heart of forgiveness. Furthermore, I can also see how someone, over time, could forgive a person for their actions. However, what is absolutely unconscionable are the repeated instances of loved ones so quick to forgive someone who savagely murdered members of their family and then repeat the phrase, “Love is stronger than hate”, or “Love wins.” The natural reaction for a typically well-adjusted human being is to profess contempt toward such a callous person who has literally robbed you of someone you love. It’s just another tell-tale sign that the entire narrative has been scripted.

Final Thoughts

What we find in the murder of Grant Nelson is the continuing narrative of individuals attacked by a mentally-ill maniac, racist or political zealot wielding a bladed weapon. As I stated at the beginning of this article, a machete is preferable, but any blade will do. Even with the lack of blood evidence at the crime scene, the disparate expressions and lack of emotion from loved ones and the over all absurdity of it all people continue to fall for these hoaxes. Separating someone from their normalcy bias is never an easy endeavor. All we can do is present our evidence and ask that people use their critical thinking skills. The rest is up to them.

When presented with an alternative explanation such as presented in this article people will invariably ask, “Why would they stage something like that?” Usually, there are many reasons and we don’t always know all those reasons. What we can be sure of is that the powers that be have to keep us in a constant state of fear. That element is first and foremost in any false flag, hoax or staged event.

I believe the murder of Grant Nelson pushes several agendas. The most obvious of these is mental illness, which I highlighted earlier in this article. It is especially important for the power structure to label young people with some sort of mental deficiency in order to get them addicted to highly toxic psychotropic medicine. Once they have done this they can later take away their ability to own and purchase firearms, which is still high on their agenda.Mental illness is also a cash cow for both the pharmaceutical industry and the mental health profession in general. At the end of the day it all comes down to money.

Another possible motive for staging such an event is to subconsciously plant the idea that a person does not want to use Uber, Lyft or any other online transportation services. They want us to think of such services as being dangerous and risky. Instead, they want us using their government-owned mass transportation.

Several states are looking into, and others have already passed, legislation that provides for rapid transportation and/or light rail services. This is all a part of the United Nations Agenda 21 program and sustainable development. Eventually, they want every American utilizing their transportation systems. Automobiles will be a thing of the past and we will no longer be permitted to own them.

I know that for those not familiar with these programs that it sounds absolutely unbelievable. I encourage you, however, to do a little research. A great place to start is by going to the following website run by Deborah Tavares. I think you’ll be astounded.

Ending on a positive note, more and more people are waking up to these fake stories every day. And the more people who wake up the less control they have over us. It pisses them off…and I’m okay with that.


  • Steven Monson
    June 4, 2017, 6:04 pm  Reply

    Have you reviewed the Portland stabbing from recent? The “tantrum” the guy threw in the courtroom also seems extremely fake and I wonder if you have other evidence.

    • June 8, 2017, 2:36 am

      Thanks for the comment, Steven. Your assumptions are spot on. Portland was totally staged. In addition to the courtroom look at the video of the one girl who was a victim who is thanking the families of the men killed for their courage in attempting to come to her aid. It’s all scripted. Also, as a police office, I can tell you that a judge would never allow that man’s behavior in his courtroom.

  • nina
    June 19, 2017, 6:18 am  Reply

    My first thought was to spread fear of the passengers in Uber-cars. Since I don’t live in the states I have no idea what it takes to become an Uberdriver. But if it’s easy then it creates jobs for many uneducated and that can’t be good. Pushing for healthcontrolls & more pills is ofc a given.

  • June 19, 2017, 12:46 pm  Reply

    True, Nina. Apparently you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be an UBER driver. This is not the first staged story I have found relating to an UBER driver. There appear to be many. This one just happened to be the most sensational.

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