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Massacre in Mississippi

By Alex Scott

In the early morning hours of May 28, 2017 police say Willie Corey Godbolt murdered eight people, including a sheriff’s deputy, in Lincoln County, Mississippi. Godbolt’s murderous rampage was sparked by his estranged wife’s refusal to allow Godbolt to take custody of the couple’s two children.

According to official reports, the shootings occurred in three different homes. Godbolt’s estranged wife escaped, but numerous family members did not, including her mother, aunt, two sisters, and brother-in-law. Two juvenile males were also murdered.

Shortly after 7:00 am police officers apprehended Godbolt and placed him under arrest. He was then transported to an area hospital where he was treated for a gunshot wound to the upper arm.

The Full Story

We are told that Godbolt’s wife and two children had been staying with her mother and stepfather, Vincent and Barbara Mitchell, at their home in Bouge Chitto, Mississippi. When Willie Godbolt arrived at the Mitchell residence an argument ensued and someone in the home called 911. Shortly thereafter, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy, William Durr, arrived on scene.

According to Vincent Mitchell’s statement to reporters, Godbolt had appeared to calm down and had agreed to leave. However, Mitchell then advised that Godbolt suddenly pulled a gun from his back pocket and began shooting. Mitchell then stated that he was able to escape the gun fire, along with Godbolt’s wife and children. However, his wife, Barbara Mitchell, along with her sister, Brenda May and Barbara’s daughter, Tocarra May, were shot and killed by Godbolt.

For reasons not explained, Willie Godbolt then went to a second home located in the town of Brookhaven where he shot and killed 17 year-old Brookhaven High School student, Jordan Blackwell, and Lipsy Middle School student, Austin Edwards. Again, no motive was given as to why Godbolt killed the two young men, or if there were other occupants at the residence.

Godbolt then went to a third home, also in Brookhaven, where he shot and killed Ferral Burage, 45 and Shelia Burage, 46. A member of Godbolt’s church told reporters that, except for Deputy William Durr, all slain victims were related to Godbolt either by blood or marriage.

Why did Willie Godbolt feel the need to murder seven family members? There is no mention of Godbolt’s wife going to either of the two residences after fleeing her mother and step-father’s home, so we can assume that he was not looking at these homes to find his family. It’s all very strange, but it gets stranger. Could this have all been staged?

No Emotion. No Real Sense of Loss.

Vincent Mitchell was interviewed by local news stations. Like we see in almost every staged event, Mr. Mitchell’s emotions seem incongruous compared to someone who has endured inconceivable tragedy and loss.

Imagine you had just witnessed the murder of your wife and two other family members only to then be told that four additional family members had also been murdered. The typical husband would be devastated and likely in a state of shock and disbelief. You would, most likely, not even consider talking to the media less than twelve hours following such a tragedy.

In an interview with CBS News, Mr. Mitchell stated, “I’m devastated. It don’t even seem like it’s real.” He then goes on to talk about Godbolt’s shooting the Sheriff’s deputy. Not once does he mention his wife nor does he shed a tear. In a final unbelievable statement when asked what he now thinks of his son-in-law, Vincent Mitchell, had this to say, “He’s still family. I don’t want nothing bad to happen to him because he needs to pay for what he’s done.”

Seriously? Are we suppose to believe this? This man just murdered your wife and three family members right in front of you and you’re not upset?! I don’t think so.

A Grandmother’s Grief

Local and national media outlets also interviewed Barbara Bouie who is the grandmother of the two young boys murdered by Willie Godbolt. Like Vincent Mitchell, Ms. Bouie’s reaction to her grandsons having just been murdered is simply not believable. Even though she attempts to convey being overcome with emotion, she sheds no tears. When asked what she’ll miss most about her eldest grandson, Ms. Bouie stated, “I’m gonna miss his mother texting me telling me what Jordan did on the football field.” Really, Grandma Bouie? That’s what you’re going to miss most? Right!

Here is Barbara Bouie’s interview where you can watch for yourself.

No Tears From Family Members

Less than twelve hours following the murders family members gathered in an attempt to console one another. While we see many sad faces we find not a single tear.

I find it hard to believe that not even one relative could be seen crying over such a devastating loss of family members. However, again less than twelve hours, there was a family member who wasn’t too distraught that they could make a collage of their dead family members’ photographs and post them on Facebook! They even included Deputy Durr, which I thought was nice.

An Unbelievable Act of Heroism

Meet Caleb Edwards. This fifteen-year-old narrowly escaped being murder victim number nine thanks to his cousin, Jordan Blackwell, who selflessly used his body to shield young Caleb. Appearing on a segment of Inside Edition, the teen described how he had to remain quiet and perfectly still as Blackwell lay on top of him shielding him from the flying bullets from Willie Godbolt’s gun.

You would think that surviving such a harrowing experience would have been a fairly traumatic experience – one that would leave you in a state of shock and disbelief. Caleb seems to have taken it all in stride though and seemed to enjoy recounting his story to the media. He told Inside Edition, “I’m just glad he loved me enough to take some bullets for me.”

Tiffany Blackwell (shown above) is the aunt of Caleb Edwards and the mother of victim, Jordan Blackwell. Both Ms. Blackwell and Caleb Edwards appeared in the same Inside Edition segment. I have included a video of their interview below.

Losing a child is the most heart-breaking experience any parent can endure. That grief becomes all the more unbearable knowing that your child was the victim of a violent and senseless murder, especially at the hands of a family member. As we watch and listen to Tiffany Blackwell describe going into the residence and finding her murdered son on the floor are we sympathetic with her loss?

Just like other family members Tiffany’s grief appears scripted and disingenuous. A typical, loving mother would have a difficult time controlling her emotions, if she were even able to give an interview in the first place. Her eyes would be red and bloodshot from incessant crying. She would appear emotionally drained from stress and lack of sleep. However, we see no such behavior.

Tiffany Blackwell had this to say regarding the moment she found her son, “I saw my child lying there. I just thought he was sleeping. I told him to wake up…told him to get up. He wouldn’t move. It’s like a nightmare. I wish somebody could just wake me up from it.”

She just thought her son was sleeping? We were told that Jordan Blackwell was shot multiple times. Are we suppose to believe that the mother failed to notice her son lying in a pool of his own blood? She also refers to her son as “my child” instead of calling by name, which is likely what a loving mother would do.

In my law enforcement career I have been to scenes where a parent had just lost a child. Regardless if that death occurred due to an accident, a murder, a drowning, a suicide, a vehicle crash or any other cause, parents are absolutely devastated. In contrast, Tiffany Blackwell conveys just the opposite. She attempts to act sad, but it’s just that…acting.

Willie Godbolt’s Arrest

I have saved the best, and most ridiculous, section of this event for last. If the arrest of Willie Godbolt was made into a motion picture, it would be a comedy.

After seven long hours of rampaging murderous mayhem, Willie Corey Godbolt was arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies at approximately 7:00 am a short distance from the third and final crime scene.

Upon his apprehension it was discovered that Godbolt had suffered a gunshot wound to his upper-right arm. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department was unable to provide information as to who had shot Godbolt, but the suspect advised that he had been shot by someone living in the home. I find it odd that authorities have yet to adequately answer as to exactly who it was that shot Godbolt.

Photographs taken at the scene show Godbolt with a white bandage wrapped around his arm, however there is very little blood on the bandage – just a small spot that appears like it was intentionally placed. In addition, there is a noticeable lack of blood on the rest of Godbolt’s person, including his hands. A natural response to being shot is to immediately place your hand on the wound. Upon realizing he was shot in the right arm Godbolt should have instinctively grabbed that arm with his left hand, yet we see no blood.

There is a small pooling of liquid in the area where Godbolt was apprehended, but it looks to be fake. The blood appears too thick and is bright red in color. In contrast, real blood begins to oxygenate once exposed to the air and then starts to turn a brownish color. Upon further inspection Godbolt’s blood more closely resembles melted cherry jello or thick tomato ketchup!

Also, for a man whose just been shot Godbolt doesn’t appear to be in much pain.

Notice too that the police are simply standing around. What are they waiting for? Their suspect just murdered seven of his own family members and a fellow officer. Plus, Godbolt has been shot and we see the ambulance at the scene, but there is no sense of urgency to have him transported.

The officers below look as though they are waiting for direction from the event coordinator. It looks completely unnatural and there is no apparent concern for officer safety and they have yet to place Godbolt in handcuffs. Again, what are they waiting for?

Which officer left an unattended AR15 rifle within potential reach of a homicide suspect?! This would never happen. What if the suspect had somehow managed to break free from the officers before they could place him in handcuffs? It has happened. Imagine being the officer responsible for this and having to explain to the wives and children of your fellow officers how your negligence resulted in their deaths. Everything about this arrest is wrong.

The Pièce de résistance

As if the Keystone Cop manner in which Godbolt was arrested isn’t ludicrous enough, what occurs next is even more preposterous and would never be allowed to actually take place. While Willie Godbolt sat on the pavement waiting for paramedics to transport him to the hospital he was approached by a local Mississippi reporter with the Clarion Ledger newspaper.

As a quick aside, The Clarion Ledger is not locally-owned. It is actually a part of the corporate conglomerate mainstream media and owned by the Gannett News Service and is also a subsidiary of the USA Today Network. In other words, it’s just another media control arm pushing actual fake news by the over 90% of media that is owned and controlled by just six mega corporations. It is also noteworthy that all photographs of Willie Godbolt’s arrest are attributed to The Clarion Ledger.

It is no coincidence that Godbolt’s roadside interview just so happened to be conducted by a reporter from The Clarion Ledger. That reporter’s name is Therese Apel. Coincidently, Ms. Appel seems to be well-versed in covering staged events as I have linked her to at least two other recent stories originating in Mississippi which show all the signs of having been fabricated. In the next few days I will be publishing on one of those stories and will explain further.


Clarion Ledger Reporter – Therese Apel

Now, back to Willie Godbolt.

There are certain procedures that police departments and officers follow when it comes to securing a prisoner and maintaining the integrity of crime scenes. While there was no homicide
victim present at the location of Godbolt’s arrest, police would not necessarily have known that until they had arrived and begun accessing the scene.

As stated above, Willie Godbolt had just murdered eight people, including a sheriff’s deputy. They would not have just left him sitting there, especially with the ambulance on scene. They would have got him out of there in pretty short order. This man’s mental status was unknown and he might well have attempted to attack others. Police have an obligation to protect the public and themselves.

The fact that officers then allowed a reporter to conduct a roadside interview with the suspect is even more absurd. Not only did officers not know Godbolt’s current state of mind, but the suspect might have given details to which law enforcement might not want made public. While some might argue that the police would have allowed the suspect to speak in order to incriminate himself the risk of allowing him to speak to media might also taint the case for the prosecution. Plus, we’re not sure that the suspect had been advised of his rights with reference to the Miranda Warning. If not, then anything he might have said could be dismissed in court. The whole thing is absolutely ludicrous.


Notice the scripted nature of the above photograph – meant to garner an emotional response from the viewer. It could be said that this photo could covey both disgust and sympathy. Godbolt has a look of both toughness and remorse. However, in all actuality, police would not allow a reporter and photographer this kind of access to such a violent offender.

Below is the actual video of Willie Godbolt’s confession. Listen closely. He’s simply delivering memorized lines. The wording and phrasing simply are not believable. When talking about murdering Deputy Durr, Godbolt stated, “My pain wasn’t designed for him. He was just there.” That’s a pretty odd way of speaking about someone you just murdered, don’t you think?

Next, the reporter asked Godbolt, “So, What’s next for you?” to which Godbolt replies, “Death. My intentions was to have ya’ll kill me. I ran outta bullets.” He then said, “Suicide by cop was my intention.” However, if that were true, Godbolt’s running out of bullets would not have mattered. The police did not know how many rounds were left in Godbolt’s gun. If “suicide by cop” was really his plan then all he would have needed to do was to point his firearm at the officers and they would have kindly obliged – bullets or no bullets.

Notice too how the reporter asks Godbolt leading types of questions and replies in order to get the desired response.

Here is the full video.


Once again, don’t be fooled. Willie Godbolt was simply acting and playing a part. No one died and no one was hurt. These types of events are being scripted and staged throughout the country
in order to push specific agendas. In future articles I will be presenting similar stories as well as articles that break down and explain these various agendas in detail. Stay tuned.


  • June 1, 2017, 7:54 pm  Reply

    Unbelievable stuff, it’s hard to imagine that all of this stuff us really being faked. Is this really possible?

  • nina
    June 18, 2017, 11:02 pm  Reply

    Like in all false flags the loved ones don’t hate the killer. Instead they talk about moving forward, come together as a community. Seems like hate is not an option for these “strong” survivors. Take a look at a murdertrial and see how fuming and teary the victims relatives are. If I had lost a family member and next get a microphone shuffed in my face I would sure lose it.

    • June 19, 2017, 12:42 pm

      That’s right, Nina. It’s an un-natural reaction. I’ve been around family members who have lost a loved one. I have never heard one talk about love and forgiveness. They are all understandably angry.

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