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Gunfight at the BP Corral

By Alex Scott

Sometimes you read a news article or watch a video and can immediately ascertain that the event was completely staged. This is one of those times. Absolutely nothing about this story adds up. In addition to the whole event being completely laughable, there are also several pertinent details left out and many unanswered questions.

Official Report

On April 8, 2017 Ronald A. Morales, 43, was shot and killed after instigating an altercation with two unidentified men. According to police reports and video surveillance, as Morales exited the Elmwood Park, Illinois BP gas station he made eye contact with the two men who were pumping gas. Morales then walked to his vehicle, retrieved his semi-automatic handgun and for no apparent reason walked back to confront the men who were now sitting in their car.

Morales is first seen confronting the unidentified passenger, briefly sticking his head inside the vehicle. Fearing for his life, the unidentified driver produces his licensed handgun and both men begin exchanging gunfire. Morales retreats until he is no longer visible on the surveillance video. The two men then got back into their vehicle and quickly drove off. Authorities stated Morales suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene after his son’s attempt to administer CPR was unsuccessful.

No Additional Details

Several questions surrounding this incident have gone unanswered. The only pertinent detail I could find was that the man who shot and killed Morales was not charged with a crime as he was found to have acted in self-defense. However, after searching for and reading several follow-up reports neither the man nor his passenger were identified by name, which is very odd.

Additionally, though the BP was equipped with several state of the art video surveillance cameras, no other footage was released to the public. This is odd because video of similar events is usually provided to the media by law enforcement. The video we do have was only made available after the filing of a Freedom of Information Act request. You would think that whomever made this request would have filed for the release of all surveillance footage because with the ability to view multiple angles of the event we should have been able to see where Morales’ vehicle was parked as well as the rescue attempt made by his son. I find it quite convenient that this footage was not released.

Below is the video of the shooting released by the Elmwood Park Police Department.

(Here is a link to a Chicago Tribune article containing a higher quality video of the shooting.)

A Closer Examination

A careful, frame by frame analysis of the shooting shows many glaring inconsistencies. As a twenty-five year veteran police officer and detective I can state that this was nowhere close to anything resembling an actual gun battle.

If you look closely you will see no actual rounds being fired from either firearm. There are no muzzle flashes coming from either gun barrel. Although it was reported that fourteen rounds were fired , we see no shell casings being ejected, nor do we observe any spent shell casings on the ground. In addition, it looks as though Morales’ index finger remains above the trigger on the side railing when it should have been on the trigger. Also, we see no natural recoil which would have been present had either gun actually been fired.

There is one more thing we should have seen had this been an actual shooting. The majority of the rounds shot by the unidentified driver were fired inside the vehicle and should have exited out of the windows and/or back windshield, yet we see no evidence of any shattered glass.

Below we see what appears to be police investigating the scene and officers marking the locations of what was reported to have been fourteen spent shell casings. However, as was stated above, there were no shell casings visible following the shooting.

Another important piece of evidence not found at the scene is typical in many, if not most, staged shootings…blood! Morales was reported to have been shot multiple times. If that were the case then he should have left a trail of blood throughout the BP property. It is a medical impossibly not to instantaneously have the presence of blood evidence whenever a person has been shot. No blood means no gunshot wound. They didn’t even think to equip Morales with a Hollywood blood pack? This was a very disorganized hoax.

 Why Stage a Fake Shooting?

This is always the million dollar question. There are no doubt a myriad of psychological and sociological objectives that the powers that be wish to project onto the gullible public. I cannot begin to know all of these objectives because I am not a psychopath. That, ultimately, is exactly who these people are.

For every false flag hoax event that I uncover on any given day there are probably another twenty or more that I miss. From my research it appears that these types of events are being conducted and reported on every day in every single state.

Though it is impossible to determine every singe reason behind any given scripted story the main objective in every staged event is fear. They absolutely have to keep the people scared so that they can always be seen as having all the answers. With that said, we can safely say that whenever a firearm is used in any staged event then gun control is always an underlying goal. They want our guns.

Final Thoughts

The chart shown below was obtain from the Gun Violence Archive website ( They purport to show gun-related statistics, thus far, for 2017.

 These statistics, gathered by an anti-gun/anti-second amendment organization, would appear to be nothing more than propaganda in order to further the agenda relating to the demonization of guns. The goal of this organization, and others like it, is to assist in drafting legislation which further chips away at American’s right to keep and bear arms.

The very term “Gun Violence” is actually intentionally misapplied. When taken literally we are led to believe that the actual gun itself is a violent instrument. This is exactly what they want us to think and it’s actually quite clever. However, anyone with a basic knowledge and understanding of firearms knows that a gun, in and of itself, is not violent. It is the person that commits the violence, not the gun itself. Ask yourself if you’ve ever heard the term “Knife Violence” or “Vehicle Violence”. Again, it’s a very clever way of twisting the language.

Finally, because we know that many of these deaths, injuries and mass shootings have been nothing more than staged events, we know that the actual statistics are really quite low. For instance, we know that no children died at the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, or the Pulse Nightclub shooting, or the San Bernardino shooting. However, these deaths and injuries are always included in websites such as the Gun Violence Archive.

Don’t let yourself be played. Events such as the BP Gas Station shooting are happening more frequently than most realize. When we begin to analyze these events it is clear to see that so-called “Gun Violence” is nothing more than a scam on the American people and actual deaths and injuries are, in reality, much lower.


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