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Julianna Ossa – Alligator Whisperer

by Alex Scott

Here is an absolute whopper of a fish tale. Not since Jonah was swallowed by the big fish have we been regaled with such a dramatic saga.

On Saturday, May 6, 2017, Ten-year-old Juliana Ossa and her parents were visiting Moss Park Lake in Orlando, Florida. Juliana was wading in water two feet deep when a nine foot alligator bit into her left leg and wouldn’t let go. Instead of panicking, like any normal 10 year-old would most certainly have done, Juliana immediately knew exactly what to do.

Coincidently, Juliana had recently visited Gatorland – a popular tourist destination for those visiting the area around the Florida Everglades. In addition to learning all things gator-related, Juliana was also advised on how to survive an alligator attack. She credits that instruction for helping save her life.

Juliana told reporters that she was scared at first, but thanks to her trip to Gatorland, knew exactly what to do. Here is what Juliana had to say about her attack.

“I looked in the water and there was this mean, nine-foot gator in the water biting my leg. I tried hitting it on its forehead to let me go. That didn’t work, so I thought of a plan they taught in Gatorland. The guy was wrestling the alligator with its mouth taped, and in this situation it was the other way around. So I stuck my two fingers up its nose so it couldn’t breathe — it had to be from its mouth — and he opened it, so it let my leg out.”

According to a local news report, once the gator was removed from Juliana’s leg she was immediately transported, via ambulance, to a local children’s hospital. She was said to have suffered a few puncture marks, which required ten stitches.

News of Juliana’s gator wrangling soon made the mainstream news on a national and international scale. The retelling of Juliana’s exploits were featured on all the major US news stations as well as the BBC, Sky News, RT and others. Print media such as People Magazine, the Sun UK, Huffington Post, etc. also followed suit. At the same time people were posting and reposting her story on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

On May 9th Juliana’s story was featured on both The Today Show and Inside Edition. Below is a video of her appearance on The Today Show.

Watching the video left me asking many questions. First and foremost is that this story appears to have been scripted and staged. For a typical ten-year-old, being attacked by a nine foot alligator would be a frightening and psychologically traumatic experience. However, Juliana displays no signs of having been in genuine fear of her life, which is un-natural.

The manner in which she describes her experience does not seem genuine. It seems as though she’s simply acting. The reason most people will believe her story is because she is convincing. She’s cute, funny and animated. Her affable lightheartedness draws people in and they cannot help but like her.

Also, watch the mother as the doctors are tending to Juliana’s leg. She is laughing. This is not a realistic reaction on the part of a mother. Had this actually been a traumatic experience for her daughter she would have shown much more concern. Mothers have a tendency to be very protective of their children.

The big question I have is not regarding the attack itself, but with her trip to the hospital. We are told that she was transported immediately after the alligator released its grip on her leg. However, when watching the video you will notice that a camera crew and NBC reporter are present in the exam room as Juliana is being treated by medical staff.

If we are to believe that this attack was a spontaneous event then why in the world was a news crew present to cover her treatment? They are not just at the hospital talking with Juliana after she had been treated. The camera crew actually records Juliana as her wounds are tended to and her stitches applied. This would mean that this event was set up in advance and is nothing more than a spectacle delivered to the public.

Secondly, notice the photograph below. It shows Juliana in the exam room holding a rubber alligator as a prop. Is a rubber alligator standard medical equipment? The reason for showing this is to convey a sense of realism to her story. Again, most people are going to be caught up in the emotional impact and will overlook this otherwise absurd piece of theater.

The inanity in this farce continues. Look at the two photographs below. The first picture shows the severity of Juliana’s injuries after she has received her stitches. Upon closer inspection her wounds actually appear to be fairly superficial. Though I have never personally been bitten by an alligator, I would think that such an attack would yield much more damage. Perhaps the alligator simply latched its teeth onto Juliana’s leg and remained still. However, since the alligator was in the water I would think that the animal would have attempted to pull Juliana into deeper water, which would have resulted in much more severe wounds.

The second photograph is even more ridiculous. Was the hospital having a sale on bandages?! Why in the world would they need to wrap her leg in such a fashion for such a minor wound? It doesn’t make sense. This is yet again done for dramatic effect. Had they just applied a couple of over-sized band-aids they would not have gotten as much sympathy from their viewers.

Bringing this story to a close we see Juliana walking out of the emergency room with the focus on her over-sized bandage. This wraps up the tale of the brave little girl who fought off and outsmarted a big, bad nine foot alligator. The media has given us what we want…a happy ending.

This article illustrates just how far the main stream media will go in order to deliver a completely fabricated story to a gullible and unassuming populace. There could not be a more literal definition of “fake news”.



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    Wow!!! So true! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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