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Is There A Doctor in the House?

By Alex Scott

This is another story that illustrates media duplicity and how narratives are created and passed off as real events to an unassuming and gullible public. However, when we start to look a little deeper, ask a few questions and use our own powers of observation we can begin to expose the corruption being perpetrated against us.

Doing the Right Thing

At 4:30am on November 15, 2015 Dr. Peter Gold, then a fourth year medical student at Tulane University, was shot in the abdomen after attempting to rescue a young white female whom he witnessed being dragged down a New Orleans sidewalk by a black male, later identified as Euric Cain. Luckily, there were several CCTV cameras at the scene and the entire incident was captured on surveillance video. Euric Cain was subsequently arrested for the crime and on October 24, 2016 received a 54 year prison sentence. Dr. Gold spent a week and a half in the hospital and has since made a full recovery. Following his recovery, Gold founded a nonprofit organization called, Strong City, which is dedicated to providing education, mentoring and other programs to New Orleans’ at-risk youth.

Let us now take a closer look at this story. So far nothing out of the ordinary, right? It all sounds very similar to those reported in any large city on any given day. Dr. Gold was simply acting as a Good Samaritan when he observed a fellow human in distress and a potential victim of a possible kidnapping. Yet when we begin to analyze this story and deconstruct the narrative we find several inconsistencies.

The following video shows Dr. Gold being interviewed by NBC’s Matt Lauer for an April 11, 2017 segment of the Today Show. Even though the shooting occurred in 2015, the Today Show is highlighting Dr. Gold’s recovery, graduation from medical school and, more importantly, the founding of Dr. Gold’s non-profit organization, Strong Cities.

Surveillance Video Analysis

Luckily for police investigators and the prosecution this entire crime was captured on the city of New Orleans’ close circuit video surveillance system. Often times we are told that the CCTV system was not functioning at the time of a specific crime or event, or if it was functioning then the video is often grainy and/or pixilated. Amazingly, not only do we have crystal-clear black and white video evidence, but the crime was also captured on three separate cameras. What luck! But, wait, there’s more…

Most CCTV video cameras record from a stationary, fixed position and do not move. It records only one specific area. However, in the case of Dr. Gold’s shooting we not only get three separate recordings but also surveillance cameras that pan and zoom in and out. This is not typical of most city surveillance cameras, though I suppose it is possible that the city of New Orleans installed motion sensor cameras. However, it seems unlikely.

In each interview given Dr. Gold tells reporters that he observed the suspect, Euric Cain, dragging a woman down the sidewalk and that is what prompted him to stop and intervene. As Dr. Gold exits his vehicle he immediately confronts an armed Euric Cain. Although there is no audio, Dr. Gold stated that he was on his cell phone with his mother the whole time. He further advised that he told Cain that he had no cash. So far this seems consistent with what is taking place on the video.

After a brief verbal confrontation between the two men we see Euric Cain fire his weapon, shooting Dr. Gold in the stomach. We then see Dr. Gold fall to the pavement clutching his wounded abdomen. Next, we see Cain point his gun toward Dr. Gold’s head and pull the trigger. However, the gun appears to jam. Cain then pulls the trigger again and then once more. All three times Cain’s gun appears to jam. Again, what luck! Although it would not be impossible for a semi-automatic firearm to jam or misfeed, I find it highly coincidental that it did so not one, but three times.

Now let’s take a closer look at Dr. Gold’s apparent gunshot wound. When watching the video surveillance footage we do observe a muzzle flash as Cain fires his round. Then we clearly see Dr. Gold grab his stomach and fall to the ground. We also witness Dr. Gold’s facial expressions and he seems to be wincing from the pain. Every reaction thus far seems consistent with a gunshot wound.

However, there is one thing that we do not see at any time after Dr. Gold is shot. There is no blood! This is a medical impossibility. Not only should we immediately see the presence of blood, but Dr. Gold remained in the same location and position for well over one minute, perhaps longer, until someone comes running down the sidewalk to offer assistance. In that amount of time Dr. Gold should have been lying in a literal pool of blood and most likely would have also gone into shock. This alone is evidence showing that this event was indeed staged. Imagine it. This event was so poorly planned that they didn’t think to add the presence of even fake blood?!

These two videos show the incident from different angles.

 A Remarkable Recovery

As observed in the above videos, Dr. Gold was shot directly in the stomach at point-blank range. Although I could not find mention of the actual make of gun used by Euric Cain, based on my law enforcement background and familiarity with firearms it looks as though Cain used a Tec 9 semi-automatic which fires a 9mm round. I also do not know what kind of ammunition Cain was using. Most gun owners will use a hollow-point round, which explodes outward upon impact, creating a substantial wound with extensive internal damage. However, Cain could have also used the standard, and less expensive, full metal jacket, which is typically a solid piece of brass commonly referred to as a slug.

Regardless of the type of bullet fired into Dr. Gold, he likely would have suffered significant internal damage. In fact, Matt Lauer stated as much when interviewing the doctor. In addition to the stomach itself there are also several internal organs that can sustain damage, including the liver, kidneys, pancreas, lungs, etc. There are also sensitive vein and nerve endings that would have likely been affected. All this potential damage would have required hours of surgical repair and a lengthy recovery period – likely several weeks. However, Dr. Gold spent only one week in the hospital and stated that we suffers absolutely no side effects. I find this hard to believe from having sustained a 9mm wound to the abdomen at point-blank range. Additionally, the above photograph of Dr. Gold was taken just a couple of days following his surgery. He looks surprisingly refreshed, well-rested and alert for a man who has just undergone major surgery. Perhaps he was just overjoyed at his receiving an autographed New Orleans Saints football!

Paying It Forward

According to Dr. Gold, the very first thought he had after awaking from surgery was, “What happened in somebody’s life that they were able to create such violence, with such ease, without even thinking about it?” I suppose it’s possible, but that’s an odd first thought, especially after waking from major surgery for a gunshot wound. I think my first thought would have been something like, “Holy sh*t! What happened to me?!” But, I digress.

Dr. Gold goes on to state that because of the violence and callousness he witnessed in Euric Cain, he felt compelled to start his Strong Cities non-profit organization. He goes on to say that so many people are touched and affected by the epidemic of gun violence that he wanted to do something about it. One the surface this is an absolutely noble cause and idea. However, given that this has all appearances of having been a staged shooting, it is a bit disingenuous. It also helps to lend credence to the overall debate from the anti-gun lobby and further pushes the gun control agenda.

Apprehending the Suspect

Because Euric Cain’s vehicle and license plate number were clearly visible from the video footage, police were able to append Cain within 48 of his committing his crime. After his apprehension police were able to match Cain’s DNA to another seemingly reprehensible crime. Police stated that within 24 hours after shooting Dr. Gold, Euric Cain drove to Florida where he kidnapped a couple sitting in a parked car, forced them to drive to an abandoned school, and then raped and robbed them both at gunpoint.

I suppose that this really could have happened. I have no proof that it did not. However, I do find it a little over the top, especially to have raped both the woman AND the man. Euric Cain must be one depraved individual. According to the female victim in this case, Cain told her that his street name was “Murder”. Again, this seems a bit far-fetched.


With a little research and critical thinking we can begin to see through these sensational narratives presented to us by the mainstream media. Once we have gathered all available information we must then decide what is true and what is not. We do this by looking at what is known as “inference to the best explanation”. That is, what is most plausible. Was Dr. Gold really shot? Was his hospital recovery typical of others who have suffered similar gunshot wounds? Now that we can see there was no loss of blood and an almost immediate recovery we can ascertain, with a more than adequate amount of evidence, that this narrative was contrived to sell a fraudulent story to the unsuspecting masses.

The majority of people will believe this story because there is great emotional impact and we are usually driven by our emotions. Therefore, it is important to always remember that people will suspend their disbelief whenever there is a compelling plot.


  • nina
    June 19, 2017, 7:18 am  Reply

    It didn’t look like he dragged her so roughly, more like they both were drunk and staggering. The Dr’s car was not that close either.
    The shooting was one of the most staged I’ve seen.

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