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An Olympic-sized Shooting Hoax : The Munich Shooting

Once again the world has been shocked by another senseless killing of innocent people by a gun-wielding maniac. However, as the events unfolded we once again begin to see and hear various incongruous aspects that reveal yet another contrived and staged event. I often read comments to articles such as this one by readers who show their frustration by asking such questions as, “So, do you think that every mass shooting or killing a false flag?” Many readers accuse myself and others of being “conspiracy theorists”, or even “disinformation agents”. To a certain extent I can understand their frustration. After all, our governments are suppose to help keep us safe and news media organizations are suppose to exist to give us honest and unbiased information. Unfortunately, we live in a world where our governments lie and deceive us, and the mainstream media is their agent in this deception with one prevarication after another. Of course not every event that entails mass casualties is a false flag or staged event, but sadly, most are.

An Observation

Before I offer my thoughts on the latest shooting event in Munich, Germany that took place on Friday July 22, 2016, I would like to offer an interesting observation I have been witnessing of late. I will then tie these observations into what we witnessed in Munich and other recent events.

Over the past few years I have noticed a trend in major motions pictures put out by the various Hollywood studios. It used to be that whenever there was a movie scene in which a television news reporter was covering a particular incident that news entity was always fictitious. For example, if Godzilla was terrorizing Tokyo or New York City the news crew covering the event would have a name like GGN or World News Bulletin. In other words, they were not real news organizations.

In addition, the reporters for these fictitious news organizations were always nothing more than actors hired to play a convincing role in the film. Lately, however, that has changed. We are now beginning to see real news organizations, such as CNN and Fox News being used in these movies. Also, instead of actors we see actual media personalities such as Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer and Larry King in addition to others.

Why is this being done? Is it to enhance a sense of realism in order to draw in the audience? I believe that is only one aspect. The familiar face and voice of a real-life journalist does make for a more realistic scene. Hollywood executives are fully aware that their audiences will find a certain comfort in seeing a familiar face. But the motion picture industry consists of more than just actors, directors, producers and special effects artists. Hollywood also employs focus groups, PR firms and even psychologists and sociologists. Most of us do not stop and consider these aspects because, quite understandably, we just want to be entertained.

The USG in Hollywood

The United States Government, along with the various intelligent agencies, are also represented in Hollywood and have been used for decades. Even the various branches of the military are represented and are even used as a kind of subtle and subliminal recruiting tool. Stop and consider movies such as Independence Day, Transformers, The Avengers, Battle Los Angeles, etc. What do these movies have in common? They all have US military involvement. Whenever we see aircraft carriers, F-16’s, Apache helicopters, tanks and the like who is operating this equipment? Hollywood actors and stuntmen are not operating these pieces of hardware. They are using actual fighter pilots and other military personnel. The Military Industrial Complex knows full well that they can expect to gain new recruits by showing the patriotic exploits of our nation’s military in Hollywood films.

All of these tactics are well planned and thought out forms of psychological imprinting. What’s more, the United States, more often than not, is portrayed as the “good guy” in these motion pictures thus instilling a sense of American patriotic pride with enthusiastic shouts of, “USA! USA!” What could be more wholesome than extorting the virtues of truth, justice and the American way? However, the reality is quite another story.

A few days ago I watched the recently released Batman vs. Superman movie. This film contains eight real-life media personalities who reported from Batman’s Gotham City and Superman’s Metropolis, including, Anderson Cooper, Nancy Grace, Charlie Rose, Soledad O’Brien, Dana Bash, retired blogger Andrew Sullivan, Vikram Gandhi and TV host Neil deGrasse.

I expect this trend to continue as other blockbuster films continue to be released. This is not only being done to enhance a sense of realism into a particular scene or movie. This is a deliberate and well-planned psychological effect in order to shape and mold our way of thinking and looking at tragic and/or sensational events. Whether it’s Gotham City, Orlando, Florida or Nice, France and Metropolis, the lines are being blurred. Subliminally we are being conditioned to believe that whatever the mainstream media presents to us, whether true or fabricated, should always be believed. At the same time we are being desensitized to violence and gore. Whether it’s on the silver scene or on our eleven o’clock news, the constant bombardment of these shocking images of death and mayhem are done in order to further instill a normalcy bias. It’s time we begin to use our own critical thinking skills and break away from those that are trying to control what we think and believe.

Turning to Munich

Several excellent articles and videos covering the recent shooting in Munich, Germany have been written by observant members of the alternative/independent media. Each author has his/her own take on what transpired as well as to how and why it might have taken place. Some of the more fascinating aspects being pointed out is the relation to numbers and dates and how they coincide with this event. Many believe that numerology and various occult aspects play a major role in these events and are not coincidental. Some refer to what they call the “powers that be”, the “Illuminati” or the “Globalists” as staging these events. While I do not discount these observations, I am not an expert in the occult, numerology or gematria and will leave that type of analysis to those better versed than I.

My background and expertise is that of a veteran police officer and former detective. I first look at these events as a law enforcement professional. What are police agencies and first responder personnel doing and how are they acting? I next look at the crime scene(s) to get an idea of what has transpired and what clues I can find in order to further my investigation. The one thing I do not do is jump to conclusions and place blinders in front of me. Every crime is different and no two are exactly alike. The worst thing we can do is to assume that every shooting, assault or murder is the same. That being said, at the same time there are aspects of certain crimes that contain consistent themes such as victim and supect behaviors, crime scene processing, etc. With this in mind, here are some of my observations.

Too Many Law Enforcement Personnel

When this incident first began to unfold I was fortunate to have caught the beginning live footage as it was being broadcast on Sky News. The first thing I noticed was that police were literally coming out of the woodwork. A very short time had transpired since the initial report had come in, yet you had dozens of police officers in full combat gear already on scene.

While police practices do differ somewhat in European countries compared to the United States there are tactics used that are universal. I seriously doubt that German police officers can get into their uniforms and positions any faster than American officers. While the majority of agencies in heavily populated cities do have SWAT and/or counter-terrorist officers prepared for deployment it takes time to coordinate and assemble. Fully armed tactical officers don’t just sit around all day in armored personnel carriers waiting to spring into action.

Take a look at the officer below. Look at all of the equipment needed for an operation such as this. While Europe is known to have heavily-armed officers in their major cities most are not this heavily equipped. Assembling this much gear takes time. Yet, we see dozens of similarly dressed officers.

Additionally, prior to being deployed in a tense and fluid situation such as this, where innocent human life is at risk, you must have coordination among the various officers. Certain teams of officers are assigned specific tasks. One group might be securing one scene while another group is securing another. In other words, everyone has an assignment to execute. However, what we saw in Munich were officers running around seemingly not really knowing what their job is. For instance, take a look at the following photographs.

The live news coverage kept showing the above officers. They seemingly had no destination or sense of urgency. It was though their commander simply instructed them to just keep running around the block until told otherwise. These are tactical/SWAT officers. They don’t just run around. They normally get to their posts and get down to business.

Another point to assess here is that in the beginning of the live broadcast we were advised that there were at least three shooters. Then we were told that this was the work of one single “lone gunman”. Where have we heard this before? If we accept the lone gunman scenario then we have to ask this: Why have they locked down an entire city and deployed this much manpower in search of a single, teenage shooter? This reminds us of the Boston Marathon where martial law was essentially employed and the residents of Boston were told to “shelter-in-place” while a massive manhunt ensued to find a single teenager who was hiding in a boat! Imagine if the city of Chicago went into lock down every Friday and Saturday night while the police searched for a single shooter. It’s simply absurd.

Make no mistake. All of these police officers were used by the media for dramatic effect. As usual you have officers randomly pointing their firearms at a threat that could not possible exist. Here are some examples. I would not be surprised if some of these officers were simply hired as actors.

Seriously. What is this female officer (below) pointing at? It must not be too concerning because no one else seems to be aware of a threat.


SWAT Team or GQ Fashion Shoot?

These officers look more like a Chippendale’s dance team! I don’t think it takes this much fire power to secure a Game Stop! If this were a real event this many officers would not likely be standing huddled together for fear of being shot by cross-fire from their fellow officers.

The McDonald’s Crime Scene

We were told that victims were shot and killed by the alleged shooter inside and outside of this McDonald’s. What we should see here is police tape to block public access to the crime scene. Also, the gunman fired several rounds of ammunition from his semi-automatic handgun, but we see no evidence markers showing investigators the location of spent shell casings and other pieces of evidence. Lastly, although we were told that victims were shot at this location, we see no evidence of blood on the pavement, no damage to the building or immediate area, no broken windows, etc. Again, if multiple victims were shot there would have been blood at the scene.

Matching Shooters?

These appear to be two separate individuals even though we were told there was only one shooter. The suspect firing outside the McDonald’s location appears to be older and more stocky than the individual who was firing from the rooftop. With that said, the photos are of a poor quality, so I might be inclined to change my analysis of this should higher resolution photos become available. The grainy photos and video have become typical for these types of events. Almost any cell phone today takes fairly high quality photographs and video, yet we always seems to be shown 1963 Zapruder-like footage of the actual suspect and shooting while all other photos are highly pixelated and crystal clear.

Witnesses, Survivors and Family Members

Within the law enforcement community investigators use a concept known as “The Victim Profile”. This can give investigators valuable insight into the state of mind and believability of people who have been, or have claimed to have been involved in a traumatic event. Most people who have been shot, shot at and/or been in the immediate vicinity of a shooting are most likely to exhibit certain behaviors consistent with a traumatic event where they were in fear of their lives. For example, a person is likely to be confused, frantic, shaking, crying, etc. They may even exhibit symptoms of shock and/or disbelief. However, they would not, for example, appear calm. While there are exceptions to every case we usually call those types of people sociopaths!

The Rooftop Argument

We are told that the man shown above had an argument and verbal exchange with the shooter. He lives in an apartment above the parking garage where the suspect was firing rounds. Among the many other ridiculous and unbelievable statements this man stated that he wanted to kill the suspect, so he threw an empty beer bottle at him. Miraculously there just so happens to be a video of his conversation with the suspect. Here is the transcript of their conversation. (Also, notice there is a full-sized professional video camera on the table directly behind him. Where did that come from? I would be interested in knowing more about this man’s background.)

Ask yourself if any of this is remotely believable. No one talks like this.

Balcony man: “You fucking assehole you…”Gunman: “Because of you I was bullied for 7 years…”
Balcony man: ‘You wanker you. you’re a wanker’Gunman: “…and now I have to buy a gun to shoot you”
Balcony man: “A gun! Fuck off! Your head should be cut off you asshole”
The gunman and balcony man begin shouting at each other.
Balcony man (apparently to people filming:) “He’s got a gun here the guy has one”
Unseen voice: “Fucking Turks!”
Balcony man: “Fucking foreigner!”
Balcony man to someone else: “Ey! He’s got a gun! He has loaded his gun. Get the cops here. He’s walking around here the wanker”
Gunman: “I am German”
Balcony man: “You’re a wanker is what you are”
Gunman: “Stop filming”
Balcony man: “A wanker is what you are. What the fuck are you doing?”
Shooter: “Yeah what, I was born here”
Balcony man: “Yeah and what the fuck you think you’re doing?”
Gunman: “I grew up here in the Hartz 4 (unemployment benefits in Germany) area.” Balcony man and Shooter talk at same time.
Balcony man: “Yeah treatment is something for you”
Gunman: “I haven’t done anything here for (unintelligible) … ‘Please shut your mouth”
Balcony man: “You cunt you”
Balcony man to people nearby: “Hey, he’s on the upper floor here”The cameraman goes into cover as the gunman starts firing.
Balcony man calls him a cunt again.
Balcony man: “They must have been shitting into your head”
Gunman: “They have not. They have not, that’s the thing. They have not”
Again, no one talks like this. However, if you look closer and play particular attention to the phrases that were used you begin to see a pattern. Therefore, I believe that certain aspects of this conversation were scripted intentionally. For instance, when the Gunman states, “Because of you I was bullied for seven years” that helps to reinforce the part of the media’s narrative that told us the suspect was indeed said to have been bullied while in school. Likewise, when Balcony Man shouts, “Yeah, treatment is something for you” that reinforces the media having told us that the suspect had a history of mental illness and had been receiving therapy from mental health professionals.

Shooting Victim’s Father

There are several stages in the grieving process grief, commonly known as shock, denial, anger and acceptance. This man’s twenty-one year old son has just been murdered. How does he express his grief? He walks through the streets of Munich carrying a bouquet of flowers and his son’s photograph. He then goes up to random people, shows them the photo and says, “This was my son.” Again, this is not believable. He shows no signs of distress or loss and he sheds no tears. The media is using this as photo-op in an attempt to play on our emotions hoping that we will be sympathetic.

Another Loner With a Manifesto

The day following the shooting we were told that the suspect had been identified as an eighteen year old German-Iranian man by the name of Ali David Sonboly. He was described as a friendless loner who had been bullied in school. He was obsessed with school mass shootings, which police said was likely one of the motives for his actions. In addition, we were told that he spent the majority of his time playing violent video games. Most unbelievable too was that Sonboly was said to have hacked a young girl’s Facebook account where he then posted a message to lure people to the McDonald’s by offering to pay for their food. Seriously? Ask yourself if that sounds logical.

Sonboly lived with his parents and siblings. During a search of the suspect’s room police found a manifesto (there’s always a manifesto) as well as computer evidence which the authorities stated showed that the shooter had obtained his firearm and ammunition via the internet’s “Dark Web”.

During media coverage a reporter stated that he had spoken to several occupants of the apartment complex, but that no one remembered seeing or knowing Sonboly. It was though he did not really exist. This is very reminiscent of Adam Lanza – the shooter who was identified as having shot and killed children at Sandy Hook Elementary.

This is suppose to be a friend of David Ali Sonboly’s younger brother. Every time he was asked a question about the shooter he would glance over to his right as if being coached by someone off camera as to what to say.

Victims Left in the Street

Once again see victims who have been left in the street with people standing around unconcerned. Had this been an actual shooting these people would have been immediately stabilize at the scene and quickly rushed to the hospital. Even if they were deceased first responders would not have just left them lying on the pavement.

This victim was reported to have died on scene after having been shot four times in the back. The man in the white tee shirt told reporters that he tried to stop the bleeding and was talking to the victim in an attempt to keep him calm. If he was shot four times then the area and the man in the white tee shirt should have been covered in blood. However, what we see looks to be nothing more than some red food coloring.

Staged Memorials

In almost every instance following a false flag, staged or contrived event you will always find mourners who have brought flowers, candles, teddy bears, etc. In addition, you also have all the hugging and crying with no one actually shedding a tear. It’s fake! An interesting example in Munich is that at every memorial I came across I found the exact same kind of flowers and the same candles inside bright red containers. This leads me to wonder if there is a False Flag Specialty Store where citizens can purchase their flowers and candles so that every memorial is uniform in its design and aesthetically pleasing.

Three’s a Crowd

Finally, as I mentioned earlier in this article, during the original live broadcast media was reporting that authorities were looking for at least three individuals believed to be involved in the shooting. There were even eye-witness reports from people who told reporters that they observed three men firing weapons. Then, as is typical in these types of mass shootings, the narrative is suddenly changed to the theme of the lone gunman.

Even though we have photos of the three suspected shooters we were later told that these men were briefly detained and released once police found that they were not connected to the shooting. Why does this always happen? Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Orlando, Dallas and Baton Rouge were all reported originally to have more than one shooting suspect before the narrative changed.


I believe these types of staged events will only increase in number and frequency. In the time I have spent writing this article there have been two more attacks in Germany. A man was reported to have used a machete to murder a pregnant woman near Stuttgart. A few hours later reports came in from Ansbach that a suicide bomber, who is also reported to be a Syrian refugee, had detonated an explosive inside a wine bar. It seemingly does not end. There will be more. All we can do is seek out the truth and utilize our critical thinking skills and independent thought. We can no longer rely on our government or the mainstream media. We must first trust ourselves and find like-minded individuals. The media are playing on our emotions in an attempt to distract us from looking at the facts. Another way they are doing this is by inserting popular media figures into our favorite motion pictures as I mentioned at the start of this article. Don’t be taken in by it. The summer is only half over…and it’s only going to get hotter.


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