Las Vegas Discussion | Sofia Smallstorm, DITRH & Alex Scott

Sage of Quay | Mike Williams

Outside New York Deli

Man Eating Bagel Stabbed

While Taking A Bath

14-Year-Old Girl Electrocuted By Her Cellphone

At Florida Gun Range

Florida Teen Commits Suicide

and his three year old daughter

Desperate violent prison escapees surrender to-man

Alexander Scott Interviewed by Ole Dammegard

Light On Conspiracies

Alexander Scott Interviewed by Bill Demarest

Truth Frequency Radio

One Week After Swimming

Four-Year-Old Boy Drowns

Woman Jumps in Front of Speeding Car

To Save Boy

For No Apparent Reason

16 Year-Old Female Stabs Uber Driver to Death

Massacre in Mississippi

The Story of Willie Godbolt

Just Another Broadway Show

The Times Square Crash

Another Shooting Hoax

Gunfight at the BP Corral

World’s Bravest Parents,

or Apathetic Sociopaths?

Julianna Ossa

Alligator Whisperer

Staged Shooting Hoax

The Curious Story of Deserae Turner

Staged Shooting Hoax & Kidnapping / Rape

Is there a doctor in the house?

Defender of Humanity:

The Miraculous Healing of Ian Grillot

An Olympic-sized Shooting Hoax

The Munich Shooting

The Fabricated Bastille Day Attack

Nice Truck Attack

Staged Mass Shooting

Orlando “False Flag” : The Musical I

Staged Mass Shooting

Orlando “False Flag” : The Musical II

LGBT Agenda | Gun Grab

Pulse Night Club Shooting

A joint CIA-MOSSAD Shooting Hoax


A F.E.M.A. DrillPassed Off as Real



Sandy Hook School Shooting

A true False Flag event

September 11th, 2001


Greetings. My name is Alex Scott and I would like to personally welcome you to the Fake Story of the Day website. I encourage you to bookmark this page and visit often.

The idea and vision for this website was born out of the constant frustration I was experiencing when consuming mainstream news reports – both video and print publications. Because 95% of all mainstream news sources are owned by only six corporations (please refer to the FAQ section for further explanation) the information we are given is, more often than not, scripted to fit a narrative designed for us to conform to certain behaviors and beliefs. To put it bluntly, we are being lied to.


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